Archived Polls

How will you be spending your March break? 23/02/2017
How did you decide what programs to apply for? 02/02/2017
If you are planning on pursuing higher education in the Fall, have you made a final decision on where you are applying? 17/01/2017
My New Year's resolution for 2017 is to... 03/01/2017
What's the best thing about the holiday break? 15/12/2016
In which country would you most like to study? 01/12/2016
In your search for the finding and applying to college and university, what is your preferred method of getting further information? 15/11/2016
What do you look for most when choosing a program? 01/11/2016
What is most important to you when choosing your future institution? 18/10/2016
Would you be more likely to apply for a scholarship with... 07/10/2016
Did/do you have RESP funds to help you pay for your higher education? 21/09/2016
What stage of your education are you currently at? 12/09/2016
Do you currently or do you have plans to play sports in university or college? 06/09/2016
How many colleges/universities did you (or will you) apply for out of high school? 29/08/2016
When looking to attend a post-secondary institution, how do/did you find potential schools and programs? 22/08/2016
Are you watching the Rio 2016 Olympic Games? 15/08/2016
What inspires you to obtain a post-secondary degree? 08/08/2016
Do you plan on taking a year off before starting your post-secondary education? And/or have you already? 03/08/2016
How many scholarships and/or awards (including entrance awards) have you won (in your entire academic career)? 26/07/2016
How many scholarships have you applied for (in your whole academic career)? 18/07/2016


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