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Get Admitted and Land a Top Job by Winning Scholarships
How receiving scholarships can boost your chances at competitive admissions and an amazing career.
Getting the Right Letter of Reference
How to ask people to say nice things about you for scholarship applications.
How to Talk About Mental Health with Your Loved Ones
Being open and vulnerable is an important step to health and overall wellness.
Why You Should Request Info from Schools
Discover how reaching out to schools before applying can boost your chances of acceptance.
Questions to Ask at Virtual Education Fairs
Find the right school and program for you by getting the info you need to make smart decisions.
Finding Balance: Navigating Work, School, and Life
The secret to success? Reaching out to the student supports available around you.
Backpack Essentials and Note-Taking Tips
Not sure what to bring on your first day of class? Unsure how to take notes in a university lecture? TRU student Lauren shares her best advice!
Essential Items to Pack for Move-In Day
Move-in day is quickly approaching! Do you have everything you need?
Making Your Budget Work for Post-Secondary School
4 useful tips to keep you on track financially as we head into the new school year.
How to Find the University That
Tips for learning about universities and the programs they offer.
How to Start Budgeting For Your Upcoming Semester
A Centennial student shares their best advice for taking care of your money, so it can take care of you!
Stories of Self-Love and Making Good Decisions
Two Indigenous students share their personal journeys of self-discovery.
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