Have you felt discouraged when you attempt scholarship applications?

Many students who start scholarship applications don’t finish because they begin to doubt themselves, or they start believing the time and effort will not be worth it.

It takes time to fill out applications. True.
You’ll likely have to do some extra work, such as an essay. True.
Only some students who apply for scholarships will receive them. True.

But, you know what else is true? People like you win scholarships every year! So, what’s stopping you from trying?

In this video, you’ll meet past recipients of the Schulich Leader Scholarships who are current students at Western University. Their message is that it’s absolutely worth it to apply for scholarships. Because you might come out on top, like they did. And it could completely change your university experience, for the better.


Check out the scholarships and awards for all the universities you’re applying to, and pay close attention to the deadlines!

Good luck, you can do this!