The sunny campus of College of the Rockies in British Columbia. Many classes will be offered online this year, but the instructors at College of the Rockies are experts!

The phrase "our new normal" has been used a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic began. If you are a grade 12 student, this "new normal" has likely meant a disruption to the end of your final year of high school and, likely, the cancellation of the graduation ceremony and prom that were intended to celebrate your years of hard work. Those are difficult blows to take.

Now you're ready to start your post-secondary education, but maybe you're a little concerned about what that is going to look like. Rest assured, colleges and universities are ready to give you the educational experience you need to be successful, though maybe in a different way.

Online courses

College of the Rockies plans to hold most courses online for fall 2020, but online learning isn't new to this college. The College has offered hundreds of courses, and even full programs, online for more than 20 years. A strong understanding of online learning means faculty have developed ways to engage with students, providing a truly connected learning experience. Technical support, along with your instructors, are just a few clicks away and are always happy to help.

Some programs do require some face-to-face instruction and hands-on classwork. In those cases, the small class sizes at College of the Rockies allow for on-campus learning, when needed. Modifications are currently underway to ensure this will take place in a safe way, following physical distancing and other safety guidelines.

Get good advice

Need a hand getting started in choosing a program, picking the right courses, or applying for financial aid? The Student Services team at College of the Rockies student support services are all still available — virtually. Appointments with Education Advisors, Financial Aid, Indigenous Education Advising, Accessibility Services and more can be easily booked online.

So, in this time of uncertainty when things can seem a bit chaotic and scary, you can be certain that post-secondary institutions like College of the Rockies are well-prepared to support you in your transition to post-secondary. Let's move forward, together!

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