Meet the courageous, determined students who won scholarships from Manulife worth $10,000 each.

When it comes to describing the incredible group of 2020 Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship recipients, the list of endearing qualities goes on. Each of these students have been impacted by the loss of a parent or guardian with little to no life insurance. Though the emotional and financial challenges of losing a parent are devastating and can hinder the dream to purse post-secondary education, these students have shown incredible perseverance and worked hard to make their education possible. And that's what makes them so undoubtedly deserving of these scholarships.

The scholarship program not only helps support students financially in their pursuit of post secondary education, but also brings greater awareness to the need for life insurance. The touching stories of the 2020 recipients demonstrate just how important adequate protection can be for a family's future. "It's heartbreaking to know these students have encountered such loss and financial strain, which is why, as a company dedicated to making decisions easier and lives better, we wanted to help alleviate some of their financial burden and recognize their remarkable determination to succeed." said Rob Hollingsworth, Head of Distribution, Individual Insurance, Manulife Canada.

Meet the 2020 Manulife Life Lessons winners

Jackie E.

University of Windsor | Law

"My mother passing is the hardest battle I've faced. She was my source of strength and resilience..." Read Jackie's story.

Jazzmin F.

Trent University | Environmental Science

"If we had financial support, we could both have gone for counselling and therapy to help us heal from our heartbreak. But we could barely even get by..." Read Jazzmin's story.

Kwaze G.

University of Toronto | Commerce - Finance and Economics

"Although it would not have made her death more bearable, if my mother had life insurance it would have eased the horrible financial burden my brothers and I were left with at such a young age..." Read Kwaze's story.

Lina G.

Douglas College | Science in Nursing

"My mother's illness affected myself and my father long before she died, and continues to affect us long after, but knowing how proud she would be of us for how far we've come makes it a little easier every day..." Read Lina's story.

Elinor K.

St. Francis Xavier University | Nursing

"The team of nurses who supported my family and I, and through our darkest days sparked within me a desire to serve my community..." Read Elinor's story.

Adam M.

University of Prince Edward Island | Sustainable Design Engineering

"One thing I know is this: both of my parents would want me to get a good education, and they would be extremely proud to see me graduate. I do not plan on failing them..." Read Adam's story.

Elias M.

University of Calgary | Education

"Life can change instantly; I know this well. This is why life insurance is the most imperative investment. It is the ones we love most dearly that are burdened with expenses once we are gone..." Read Elias's story.

Emma P.

University of Toronto | Law

"Attending law school and pursuing a career in human rights law is my dream and is something that I know would make my father immensely proud..." Read Emma's story.

Hailey R.

University of Regina

"With adequate life insurance, my mother wouldn't have had to work three jobs while my brother and I worked two in order to make ends meet..." Read Hailey's story.

Connor S.

Western University | Psychology

"When dealing with grief, financial constraints are the last thing you want to be worrying about..." Read Connor's story.

Kiana W.

McMaster University | Kinesiology

"Before [my mother's] death, I was already passionate about school, but following it, I had a renewed drive to succeed. I hope to graduate with this degree and to end up in a medical/health profession where I can help others who are in need..." Read Kiana's story.

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