5 Exciting University of Regina Grad Programs

Considering grad school in western Canada? The University of Regina boasts a wide variety of great graduate level programs, in everything from physics to justice studies, as well as a few that are truly unique! Check out these five University of Regina grad programs that can help put you on the pathway to an exciting, dynamic career.

Master of Public Policy

The Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy (JSGS) is a collaboration between the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan, and it's one of the country's best schools for studying governance and policy.

The Master of Public Policy graduate program is highly competitive — admitting between six and eight students per year — but if you want to work in the public sector, or an industry association or research organization, there are few better ways to prepare yourself. The program takes two years of full-time study, and focuses on social policy and inequality, governance, and innovation.

Indigenous Education

URegina offers many master's programs in the field of education, but none are so unique as this two-year Indigenous Education program that focuses primarily on the experience of Indigenous Canadians. This program is a collaboration between URegina and the First Nations University of Canada.

The program teaches you to be a better teacher by incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing into your curriculum, discusses settler-colonial representation in education, and helps you support Indigenous student success in the classroom. You'll also take courses in educational psychology, administration, adult education, and more.

Environmental Systems Engineering

Concerned about the environment? Who isn't! The University of Regina offers a master's of science in environmental engineering, with an optional co-op component to give you some experience in the industry.

The graduate program teaches sustainability and green technologies, while addressing contemporary issues around pollution and contamination of the natural world. You'll come to understand wastewater processes, and get a firm grounding in geotechnical engineering — a field focused on soil and rock. You'll also learn about risk assessment in modern energy development.


It's no secret: Canada's population is aging. With more elderly people every year, we need qualified and dedicated professionals to understand their needs and develop policy and technology to support them. Enter the multidisciplinary Gerontology master's degree.

Whether you pursue a master of arts or master of science degree, you'll work with the Centre on Aging and Health at the junction point between faculties, and get training and specialized knowledge aimed at health professionals working with elderly populations. You'll also have a firm grounding for further research in this area.

The Gerontology program is multidisciplinary, but you'll need an undergraduate degree in health, kinesiology, psychology, social work, nursing, or biology to be admitted.

Police Studies

One of the few master's degrees in police sciences in Canada, the University of Regina graduate program in police studies is intended for police officers and other law enforcement officials to sharpen their knowledge and improve their skills in preparation for the next stage in their careers.

The program provides a social science perspective on police work and criminology, with a focus on equity, race, and Indigenous perspectives, in an effort to provide our country with a more just justice system.

If you're interested in policing at the municipal, provincial, or federal level, including with the RCMP, this interdisciplinary program may be a good fit for you.

Any of these programs can help you find and develop a great career, but if none of them appeal to you, don't worry! The University of Regina has many other graduate programs to consider as well, from art to petroleum engineering. You're sure to find something that fits your interests and your desired career path.

Good luck with the next steps in your education!

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