It's the end of the school year! Are you ready to accept an offer of admission for post-secondary school?

As you reach the end of the school year, you're likely receiving offers of admissions from the universities you applied to. That's great news! Now it's time for you to choose which to accept. Here are some factors of university life to consider to be sure your choice best fits you.

Student experience

Who said that university was all work and no play? Since many of your best memories are made outside of the classroom, make sure that you choose the school whose student life you'll best thrive in.

Whether you're looking for sports teams, clubs, or a fun off-campus city culture, take this time to reflect on your personal interests, and choose the school that best lets you express them.

Wondering what a day in the life of a student is really like? To help students get an inside scoop on campus life, the University of Waterloo's student life guide showcases the city of Waterloo, student clubs, and how you can keep connected from a distance.

Career opportunities

University does more than teach lessons in a classroom; it also prepares you for the world outside of it. Whether it's connecting you with future employers or offering programs that will guide you to your career goals, now's the time to ask yourself which school best prepares you for the future you want.

For example, the University of Waterloo's co-op program lets you alternate between work and school terms, letting you connect with employers while earning money at the same time!


If you're moving away for school, now is the time to decide which school offers residence that fits your lifestyle. Most university campuses offer an array of housing options. Some things to consider include room style, dining options, and accessibility accommodations, as well as the overall community experience.


Another major consideration for most students is how to pay for your university degree. From comparing the costs of your schools of choice to whether they offer the financial aid you need, it's important to consider finances between each offer before hitting "accept."

Ask yourself, does this school offer an entrance scholarship and are there future opportunities for financial aid in later years of study? How much will first year cost? Which school offers the best opportunities to earn money while studying?

By considering these important factors of university life, you can choose the university that's right for you!

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