Finding Balance: Navigating Work, School, and Life

Striking a balance between work, academics, and your personal life, all while transitioning to university, can be a challenge for any student. Seeking support on-campus can be overwhelming if you're not sure where to start. Thankfully, King's University College has many resources to help students like you situate themselves and find success in their new environments.

Student employment

Employment is a priority for many students looking to gain meaningful experience while balancing the demands of their studies. For example, at King's, we have the Work/Study program. Students eligible for the Work/Study program are able to have flexible, on-campus work schedules that accommodate their academic responsibilities, while developing a dynamic, professional, and adaptable skill set. On-campus employment opportunities include working at our library, student financial services, residence halls, and more.

Academic success

Many incoming students may need guidance as they adapt to their new learning environment. The Write Place is a vibrant, inclusive, and creative hub for students looking to develop and enhance their reading, writing, and communication skills. Learning Skills Services connects students with a Learning Skills Strategist who can help with time management, study strategies, information organization techniques, and exam prep.

The King's KAMP program is a student led mentoring program functioning as a University 101 program for new students who are paired with senior students who help provide support through the first year transition. King's International helps with all things international: supporting both outgoing exchange and incoming international students, and The King's Campus Ministry team are a vibrant group who support students from diverse faith backgrounds and traditions as they seek to explore and grow in their faith.

Personal counselling and support

Finally, we know that students have busy personal lives and may struggle with the transition to adulthood on top of the transition to university. Students are always encouraged to prioritize their health and wellbeing.

Our Accessibility, Counselling and Student Development team offers many resources for students, but today, we would like to highlight their personal counselling services. With an emphasis on personal and academic wellness, our counsellors have a strong commitment to helping students grow and learn new strategies for navigating their responsibilities.

Post-secondary education is a new frontier for all incoming students. Striking that elusive work-life-school balance takes time, says Aziz Sayegh, Recruitment Officer at King's. "As a recent graduate, I remember struggling to balance my studies, work, and personal life during my first year. Once I finally gathered the courage to reach out, I was so grateful to all of the staff members and community leaders who offered me guidance, comfort, and strategies for success."

The idea of "balance" may look different from student to student, but university resources are designed to help develop individual routines and lifestyles to support personal success. However, the first step is always the same: reaching out — there are so many people who are excited to help you on this journey.

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