September 2021 Release Notes for Students

September brings students like you back to classes all across the country — and here at SchoolFinder Group Headquarters, we've been working hard, too! Curious what we're up to? Check out a few new features and fixes released this month on,, and!

Find more relevant articles, more easily

We've added a new tag feature to the Discover sections across all three sites, meaning it's now easier than ever to find articles on the topics that interest students most.

Think of them like hashtags: we've got everything from Arts & Culture to STEM, Indigenous to LGBTQ+, and much more! Just click a tag to start exploring. (For example, this article is tagged as a Release!)

Get advice in the newest Counsellor handout

Guidance counsellors are busy people, so to support their important work, we've drafted a new handout for the Counsellor Toolbox. Sure, maybe you're not a guidance counsellor yourself, but if you want to take a peek, we won't tell!

The topic? Taking Advantage of Office Hours (pdf). Too many new college and university students don't connect with their profs and TAs! This handout aims to diminish the anxiety some students feel when asking for help.

If you're one of the many students who doesn't make the most of the office hours available to you, you owe it to yourself to give this handout a read (pdf).

There's lots of other useful handouts in the Toolbox, too!

Site improvements

We've also been tackling bug fixes and improvements across the sites. To name a few, we've fixed a bug with program profiles, improved the signup process, reworked some LeadMatch connections, and improved site security, so you never need to worry if your data is safe!

We're hard at work on the October release, but if you have any ideas for new features or improvements, please reach out to

Thanks for reading, and see you next month!