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What scholarships am I eligible for? When is the best time to apply for scholarships? Are there scholarships that don’t require grades? Are there scholarships for my program? If you’ve ever Googled any of these questions before, then this article is for you!

Did you know that there are over 93,000 awards on that total more than $249 million? Yes, that is a lot! But every award has different requirements, and it can be difficult figuring out if there are any that apply to you. So, to give you a better idea of what to expect in our database, we’ve gathered some information on common eligibility factors that are relevant to you! The following percentages represent the amount of awards in our database with that specific criteria.

Scholarships by academic average

Grades are one of the top factors that students stress about when applying to scholarships. So, you’ll be happy to know that most scholarships don’t require an academic average at all! It doesn’t matter what your grades are, you have just as good a chance at earning the award as everyone else!

No average required 78.6%
80% and above 12.8%
Below 80% 8.6%

Scholarships by financial need

A common misconception about scholarships is that you need to be in financial need, and this prevents students who don’t feel as though they fit in that category from applying. But in reality, two thirds of the awards on don’t care if you’re in financial need or not! So don’t worry about calculating your household budget and start applying!

No financial need 66.0%
In financial need 34.0%

Scholarships by deadline month

When is the best time to apply for scholarships? Scholarships are available year-round, but some months are more popular than others. This chart shows which months are more popular for scholarship deadlines, the top two months being October and January. This means you’ll find plenty of scholarships available around those months, but remember — this data is for scholarship DEADLINES. So be sure to give yourself lots of time to create your applications for these awards!

January 14.3%
February 7.7%
March 11.7%
April 12.0%
May 8.5%
June 6.9%
July 4.1%
August 3.8%
September 6.5%
October 17.5%
November 3.2%
December 3.8%

Scholarships by field of study

Some scholarships are meant for students in a specific program, but do you know which fields of study are most popular? If you’re in a medical and health, or humanities and languages program, you’ll find more scholarships are available for you! But if you’re not in one of these programs, don’t worry! 54% of scholarships are open to everyone and don’t require a specific field of study.

Medical and Health 18.1%
Humanities and Languages 16.2%
Business Administration 14.8%
Engineering 10.7%
Community Services 8.9%
Arts — Creative 6.8%
Natural Resources and Environment 5.6%
Computer Studies and Math 5.0%
Law 5.0%
Trades and Apprenticeships 3.7%
Research Sciences 1.8%
Arts — Performing 1.4%
Hospitality Industry 0.8%
Communications 0.6%
Business Marketing and Sales 0.5%
Recreation 0.2%

Scholarships by level of study

No matter what type of degree you’re in, there are scholarships for you! However, some levels of study are more popular than others. It’s no surprise that most scholarships are geared towards students pursuing a bachelor’s degree. This is great if you’re about to begin your degree at university or are working towards completing your degree. College diplomas come in second place with fewer scholarships than bachelor’s degrees, and high school diplomas are in last with a limited amount available to students looking to fund their high school education.

Bachelor 53.2%
Diploma 14.8%
Certificate 8.7%
Master 7.2%
Doctorate 6.7%
Associate 5.0%
Post-diploma 4.0%
High School Diploma 0.3%

Want to test your knowledge on what you just learned? Take our scholarship quiz to learn more about the awards in our database. You can also check out the Browse Scholarships page to find awards related to popular scholarship categories, and our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about scholarship applications, eligibility, opportunities for international students in Canada, and more!

So, now that you have a better understanding of what kind of scholarships are available, start funding your education at! Don’t worry about having to find the scholarships that apply to your education, when you fill out your profile, you’ll automatically be matched with scholarships that are relevant to you! Now you can spend most of your time on your applications as opposed to searching for awards. Good luck with your applications!

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