Canadian Government Announces Funding for 25,000 Apprenticeship Positions

Good news aspiring tradespeople! The Canadian government has just announced $247 million to fund 13 apprenticeship programs across the nation, allowing smaller employers to offer more apprenticeship training.

How will the money be spent?

Almost one fifth of the money will be going towards the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, which will assist in the hiring of 4,000 first-year construction and manufacturing apprentices. The rest will contribute to the over 20 thousand new apprenticeship positions by helping employers hire new apprentices.

Is there demand for skilled trades workers?

Skilled workers in the construction industry are particularly in demand. BuildForce Canada estimates over 300 thousand new workers will be needed over the next decade to match demand. Among construction workers, some other sought-after trades include carpenters, cooks, hairstylists, auto service technicians, and welders. In addition, Canada expects to see approximately 700,000 skilled trades workers retire by 2028.

To meet this demand, 75,000 new apprentices must be hired each year over the next half decade. So, what does this mean for you? As the demand for workers in the skilled trades increases, and government funding increases, there will more apprenticeship opportunities with good pay.

Is a career in the skilled trades right for me?

Contrary to what you may have learned growing up, going from high school to university for a bachelor's degree, and maybe even grad school, isn't the only path to a successful, fulfilling career!

Some benefits of pursuing an apprenticeship in the skilled trades include the growing demand for workers, as well as the opportunity to gain immediate experience, earn money sooner, and avoid student debt! If learning in the classroom isn't the right path for you, and you would rather enter the workforce sooner, consider a career in the skilled trades. With this major new announcement, it's never been easier to become a skilled tradesperson in Canada.

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