Preparing to Study at York University

As you prepare for your first year of university, take advantage of York's essential student support services to help you succeed in your first year and beyond. Here are five of the resources you can access to help you begin your first term at York University on the right foot:

1. Academic Advising

Academic Advising is your go-to resource if you have any questions about your academic pathway, from your general education courses to essential degree requirements. Advisors work with their colleagues to create a web of support where students can ask for advice or guidance about York's programs or Faculties and their own academic progress.

Speaking with an Academic Advisor can help you shape your degree from day one and make sure you clear all your requirements by the time you graduate.


YU START is York U's award-winning orientation program for all new students. It is a New Student Transition Program designed to support you on your way into and through your first year at York U.

During this transitional program, you'll enrol in courses, connect with fellow classmates, student leaders, faculty members and student services staff, while also becoming more familiar with campus life, support services, and the resources available to you.

3. Purchasing textbooks

Whether you're looking for a Calculus textbook or the latest edition of Shakespeare's Hamlet, the York University Bookstore is the place to go for all your textbook needs. The Bookstore offers many options, including selling and renting books, purchasing digital materials, discounted used books, academic supplies, and York-branded clothing.

The York U Bookstore also offers online shopping options and textbook rentals for those who don't want to hold onto the book after your course is complete. They'll also help you make cash on your old textbooks through their Textbook Buyback Program!

4. Learning Skills Services

It is a good idea to freshen up your academic skills and learn new ones. York U's Learning Commons brings together various academic support services, including the Writing Centre and Learning Skills Services, to help students achieve academic success. Learning Skills Services is an academic support resource that helps students "learn how to learn" and improve pre-existing skills. They also run workshops and seminars on topics such as time management, organizational skills, and academic reading and note-taking skills. These services are available to all students, graduate and undergraduate, from any program, at any level of study.

5. Student Accessibility Services

If you are a student who identifies as having a disability, York's Student Accessibility Services provides registered students with individual accommodation plans based on their specific needs. The accommodations are then delivered to faculty members, explaining how they can meet the needs of their students.

Accommodations are meant to remove a barrier while maintaining academic integrity. Some of the supports could include having access to alternate exams, extra time on tests, or access to a scribe. Students will also benefit if they have a mental health issue or a flare up of their condition, as the accommodations provide them with support for extra time.

If you have any questions, reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. We look forward to seeing you on campus!

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