Want a Job in Canada? Study This!

More students should focus on starting careers in this industry!


If you are looking to study in Canada, you may want to consider studying engineering or construction. According to a new international report on education, that is where all the job prospects are.

The most popular college and university programs in Canada are business, administration and law with 29% of students in Canada taking these courses. In comparison, only 11% are taking engineering, manufacturing and construction.

The report, conducted by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), stated that “business, administration and law are the most popular careers in countries surveyed, chosen by around one in four students. This compares to 16 per cent in engineering, construction and manufacturing, and less than 5 per cent of students study information and communication technologies, despite graduates in these subjects having the highest employment rate on average.”

If you are interested in studying engineering in Canada, there are many great engineering programs throughout the country!

As well, if you’re interested in the trades or studying construction, there are many fantastic trades and apprenticeship programs in Canada.

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Modified on September 18, 2017

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