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Quirky Scholarships


There are many scholarships available to students that do not require a high academic average or any specific academic qualifications.

When it comes to quirky scholarships, you will find that competition may not be too aggressive in some circumstances, simply because most people have never heard of these unusual scholarships.

Do you play a musical instrument? There are specific scholarships for bag-pipe, clarinet or reed instrument players. If you major in a specific program, there's a scholarship for you.

Have you ever played Ringette? Yup, there's a scholarship for that, too!

There is a scholarship available for students whose parents work for a cookie company!

If you are interested in family planning or population issues, the Phyllis P. Harris Undergraduate Scholarship can help.

This is just a very partial list, but it will provide you with some ideas of the types of things that scholarship administrators promote. Chances are, if you have a quirky interest, there is a scholarship for it and all you have to do is track them down and apply. Good luck!

Modified on October 24, 2011

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