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Build your Scholarship Profile: Finding Opportunities in your own Backyard

By: Brittany Palmer


Investing the time into the scholarship search is an important step to take. There are a number of scholarships that are only available to students based on a certain association or affiliation, such as employers, organizations and clubs. The benefit of such scholarships is that there is specific criteria that they are looking for in candidates: if you happen to fit within that requirement, then you are working within a condensed group of people which means that your chances are greater. The key is to brainstorm potential connections within your family that could lead to these opportunities that you may otherwise not have thought of.

Organize a time where you can sit down with your parents and create your scholarship profile. In order to do this, work through the categories listed below and brainstorm potential connections and opportunities within your family. As you create your profile, keep in mind your other relatives as well: aunts, uncles,grandparents and etcetera. Some times the connection can be from a member of your extended family.

Upon completion, search online to see if there are any scholarships associated with the categories below. Taking the time to create your profile is time well spent: there just may be a great scholarship opportunity in your own backyard.

  • Employers - List any companies where you or your relatives work. Often employers will offer scholarships to relatives of their employees.
  • Organization or Club Affiliations - List any clubs, organizations, unions or associations that your parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents are involved with or are members of.
  • Disability - List any medical concerns/impairments that impact yourself or your family members.
  • Banking Institutions - List any banks or credit unions where you or your relatives have accounts.
  • Ethnicity - The ethnic background of your family.
  • Military Association - Air force, navy or army.
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Modified on December 13, 2011

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