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Conquering Scholarship Fears

By: Brittany Palmer


Scholarships can be intimidating and may seem out of reach. Below are some common fears and concerns students often have. The first step towards success is to conquer the fears and commit to the scholarship process. You can do it!

I am too young
If you are not in grade twelve, it may seem that it is too early to begin thinking about scholarships. It is never too early to start. Maximize the additional time that you have: you can utilize early planning strategies now so that you are completely prepared once you begin grade 12.

I do not have the grades
While there are without a doubt scholarships that do view academic standing as their primary point of interest, there are just as many that do not. There is a scholarship for everyone. Do not dismiss scholarships simply because you feel your grades are not adequate.

I do not have the time
High school is a busy time for students, especially in grade 12. Once you add in the demands of courses, extracurricular activities and graduate. While you may feel like you do not have room in your schedule to accommodate scholarships, you must find a way to make it work: make the time. Scholarships are a time investment at the beginning, but as you build your foundation and navigate applications it only gets easier.

I have not done enough
If you happen to read biographies of scholarship recipients, it often appears as if these students were child prodigies and have started international organizations. They sound like super students. This can be intimidating and make you feel as though you have not done enough. Often times you have accomplished much more than you may have thought. We occupy ourselves with activities that we enjoy. Once it becomes incorporated into our everyday lives, we may not view it as important or as something that stands out when in actuality it may be a quality that a scholarship committee is looking for. Do you volunteer, play a sport, sit on student council? Take a careful look at what you do to occupy your time and you may be surprised. Believe in yourself.

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Modified on December 13, 2011

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