LifePoints Canada

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Monthly Views - Very High
Amount $100
Provided by LifePoints Canada
Deadline March 31, 2020
Renewable No
Type of Award Contest
Automatic Consideration No


You could receive up to $100 per month via Paypal or Amazon (up to $3 per survey). LifePoints gives you the opportunity to earn a massive variety of rewards from taking surveys, participating in diaries, forums, discussion boards, webcam assignments, and more.

Request a PayPal Payment

Once you’ve reached the low minimum cashout level, you can redeem your points for a PayPal cash payment made directly to your PayPal account.

Choose from a Massive Selection of Gift Cards

If you’d prefer to receive a gift card for your efforts, you can choose from a huge number of options, including Amazon and other major retailers.


Level of Study High School Diploma; Certificate; Diploma; Post-diploma; Associate; Bachelor; Master; Doctorate;
Year of Study All Years
Citizenship Any
Schools Attended Any School
School of Study Any School
Field of Study Any Field of Study
Region of Residence Canada
Course Load Full-time or Part-time
Region of Study n/s
Activities n/s
Financial Need No

Contact Information

LifePoints Canada 4164943343 Lightspeed, 4 Millbank, Westminster
Last updated: Saturday, January 04, 2020

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