We have a number of study and work abroad programmes available to our students including the two below:

The International Experience Year (Work) gives you the flexibility and freedom to undertake a work placement or internship abroad doing the type of work you want, and in practically any country you want. On this programme you will spend that year doing a work placement abroad.

For The International Experience Year (Study) programme you will spend that year studying at one of our partner universities abroad.

For both these options you can normally do this at any point during your degree – between first and second year, between second and third year, or after third year. Students on the majority of undergraduate degree programmes are eligible to apply for this option but there are exceptions, and some degree programmes only allow students to take the year abroad at a specific point (e.g. after final year).

There are no additional tuition fees to pay for both the above options and if you successfully complete your year abroad, you have ‘with International Experience’ added to the title of your degree

Further information:
Study or Work Abroad:

www.bangor.ac.uk/international/exchanges/outgoing/your-options.php.en Take a look at our vlogger Eleanor talk about moving to Spain for a year as part of her Spanish degree: