Award Winners

Opterus Announces the 2021 Winners of its ‘Rebel with a Cause’ Scholarship Awards
Learn more about the Rebel with a Cause scholarship awards and meet 2021's two winners!
20 Hard-Working and Driven Undergraduate Students Receive Knowledge First Financial
20 undergraduate students received a scholarship of $2,500 each for their determination and community involvement.
20 Graduate Students Awarded the Knowledge First Financial Graduate Study Award
20 graduate students received a scholarship of $5,000 each for their drive towards higher education.
Meet the 20 Knowledge First Financial Skilled Trades Award Winners
20 students studying in skilled trades programs received recognition for their hard-work and community involvement.
Meet the Winner of the March 2021 CCUF Tuition Draw!
March saw 5 program fairs on everything from business to the trades, and one lucky student won $3,500!
Meet the Winner of the 2020 CCUF $7,500 Tuition Draw
Jenna Pare attended the free online CCUF event and won a year of free tuition!
20 LGBTQ+ Recipients Celebrated by the 2020 Bill 7 Award
2020 marks the biggest year ever for the Bill 7 Award Trust, which honours LGBTQ+ Ontario students in financial need.
11 Brave and Tenacious Students Receive Manulife Life Lessons Scholarships
Meet the courageous, determined students who won scholarships worth $10,000 each.
Villa Charities
Four students at the undergrad level, and four grad students, have taken home scholarships from Villa Charities.
Meet the 2020 Opterus Rebels with a Cause
Two awards of $10,000 each, in STEM and the Arts, are distributed annually!
6 McGill Students Take Home Canada
A record number of McGill students have won Schulich Leader Scholarships in 2020.
Meet the 5 Winners of 2020
From architecture to engineering, these STEM students each earned a $2,000 award.