Meet Norlea, Canadian Recipient of a Law Scholarship at the University of Birmingham

Originally written for the University of Birmingham by Canadian scholarship recipient Norlea Padua.

Pursuing a career in law has always been a goal of mine and was the pushing force that motivated me to pursue higher education after my undergraduate degree.

I earned an undergraduate degree in Criminology with Honours at York University in Toronto, Canada. Upon graduating I was fortunate to receive full-time employment where I was able to enhance and improve my set of skills while working on admissions applications. I did intensive research about the schools and attended networking events and about a year later I found myself here, at the University of Birmingham, and could not be happier.

Reaching across the pond to Canadian students

One of the main reasons I chose the University of Birmingham was because of the School's willingness to network and attract students by holding events in Canada. Working full-time I was unable to attend open days that were offered throughout the year. Having members from the Law School along with Canadian alumni willing to travel to Canada and speak on behalf of the school was insightful and very helpful.

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul McConnell on a couple of occasions and Samantha Schnobel at one of the many events that were held in Toronto. Their hospitality and knowledge about the school and what it has to offer solidified my choice in accepting to become a part of the University of Birmingham community.

Becoming part of the Birmingham family

My first impressions of the University easily had to do with its beautiful architecture and green space. Walking into the Great Hall for the first time during Freshers Week is definitely a feeling I will never forget nor can properly describe. My first impression about my course was how challenging it was going to be but at the same time feeling excited, motivated, and embracing everything it had to offer.

I joined the European Law Students' Association which was introduced to me during Freshers Week and I have met some of the greatest people through this society. Something I am most excited about and plan on applying for is the Pro Bono Group for the next year.

Advice for future Canadian students heading to the UK

The piece of advice I would give to anyone in my home country considering studying at Birmingham is to definitely consider it. Studying abroad gives you valuable life experience both in your personal and academic career that you cannot receive in Canada. I would also tell them to keep an open mind, embrace the change, and take advantage of everything the experience has to offer.

After I graduate, I plan on completing a Master's in Law and becoming a solicitor in the United Kingdom as well as in Canada. However, as of right now I am trying to work hard to earn my law degree and focus on what I can do now to ensure success in the future.

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