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Top 8 Questions to Ask When Considering Studying Abroad
Are you thinking of studying abroad? Consider asking these questions to discover your best options.
There are similarities and differences in these English language tests. Which is right for you?
Expand Your Horizons: Spring Education Events You Won
Education events are back across the country! Join us in Vancouver, Montréal, or Toronto this spring.
Scholarships for Canadian Students in the UK at Birmingham
The University of Birmingham offers international students 10 awards per year in arts programs, and another 10 awards for law programs.
Canadian Optometry Student Jesse on Choosing an American School
Jesse, OD '21, speaks about how he came to MCPHS and what the experience has been like.
Air Canada
Get a flight pass that fits your life, whether you're traveling within Canada or beyond!
How to Study Abroad in the United States
Discover how you can make studying in the US a reality.
Studying Law in the UK and Abroad Could Save You Thousands of Dollars
Compare your options for studying law in Canada, Australia, the UK, and US to discover which option is best for you.
Managing Your Money
Try out our top tips on how you can manage and save some money while you study.
Outstanding Achievement Scholarships for Canadians at the University of Birmingham
First-year Canadian students can apply for one of three scholarships worth £4,000 (roughly $6,700 CAD)!
Scholarships for Canadian Students at One of Australia
Get to know more about the University of Western Australia and its scholarships for Canadian students.
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