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What is Contact Tracing?
And how will it be used on campus in September?
What is Liquid Learning? [VIDEO]
A blend of online and in-person learning brings you the best of both worlds.
Concordia Commits $259,000 to Online Placements for Experiential Learning
Hands-on opportunities remain valuable for students during the pandemic.
Fall 2020 Plans for Canadian Colleges and Universities
We've gathered up the latest info from schools across the country so you'll be ready for the coming semester.
CapU is Prepared to Support Your Fall Semester
CapU is implementing new workshops to support you both academically and financially.
Memorial University Runs First-Year Summer Courses to Help Students Get Ahead
Students at Memorial can get a jump on their first year thanks to these fourteen courses.
Ontario Tech University Introduces Student Experience Guarantee for Fall 2020
Delayed withdrawal deadline is part of the university's commitment to a safe and healthy student experience.
Certainty in an Uncertain World
You can trust the online education experts as we move into a "new normal."
Updated: When Will the Quarantine End in Canada?
The short answer is we don't know, but there are promising signs in Canada and around the world.
IE University and IE Foundation Launch €5 Million COVID-19 Scholarship Fund
The new scholarships will help support students suffering financially due to the pandemic.
Many Concordia Programs are Still Open to Applicants!
There's still time to apply to university for the fall, and high school closures won't prevent your application.
How to Get the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB)
The application process is open! Here's how to start getting money.
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