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Student life can be tricky, but it’s also incredibly fun! See below to find out how to best navigate the ins and outs of student life.
What Getting Vaccinated Means for You
Every Canadian can be fully vaccinated with the 66 million doses PM Justin Trudeau has secured. Now, the pandemic has become the pandemic of the unvaccinated.
7 Common Misconceptions about University
University of Waterloo helps you do some myth-busting about university life!
Is College Worth It in 2021? Consider These Four Facts.
Centennial College offers some insight into how colleges can benefit you.
The King
Career and personal development to help you reach your goals.
5 Ways to Make Friends While Studying Abroad
Enhance your international university experience by connecting with fellow students.
Getting Involved in Your University Campus
University is more than academics, do what you love and develop new skills by getting involved.
Test Your Canadian IQ with the Canada Day Quiz!
We've got 20 fun questions to mark Canada's 154th birthday.
Learned Perspective: A Mature Student
A Memorial student returns to university after almost twenty years.
Why You Should Get Involved as a Volunteer
A Memorial student shares how you'll enjoy rewarding experiences, fun times, and a happy heart when you volunteer!
Moving Away, Building Community
Ten students share their thoughts on how they built community at CapU.
13 Places to Visit in Canada
Want to experience the best of Canada? Check out these attractions from every province and territory!
How UofGH
Keeping your community close isn't easy when you're connecting only online. Here's how UofGH remained tight-knit through the pandemic!
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