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Student life can be tricky, but it’s also incredibly fun! See below to find out how to best navigate the ins and outs of student life.
3 Benefits of Christian Higher Education
Bringing your faith and your academics together can be a rewarding experience.
Today is Canada
September 30 will honour the lost children and Survivors of Canada's residential school system.
Tackling Imposter Syndrome at University
A student from the University of Birmingham shares her tips on how to prevent imposter syndrome.
Energize Your Mind and Body at Royal Roads University
Explore Royal Road's recreational opportunities like home workout guides, fitness and yoga studios, and more!
5 Ways Aquariums Can Help Take the Stress Out of College Life
Considering a fishy friend for your dorm? Adopting an aquatic pet can help you keep your stress down and your spirits up!
5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting University
CapU Student Ambassador, Niko Williamson, shares her experiences as a first-year student.
Accessing Student Services: A Community Impact on Your Health, Wellbeing, and Academics
Our campus community is here to support you with the tools & services you need for student life.
Budget Friendly Tips to Save While Studying
Tyndale shares four tried-and-tested tips on saving your hard-earned money.
How Educational Advisors Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
You don't need to navigate your post-secondary path alone. University staff are ready and willing to help you!
Community Partnerships in Music at the UCalgary School of Creative and Performing Arts
Music students will explore a wealth of styles and genres through meeting and performing with incredible guest musicians.
What You Need to Know for Your First Year of University
Five tips to set you up for success when you first arrive at university.
5 Back-to-School Tips for University Students
Class is almost back in session... Here are the must-knows from a 4th year student.
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