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Student life can be tricky, but it’s also incredibly fun! See below to find out how to best navigate the ins and outs of student life.
How to Get Ready for the Transition to University
Here's what to expect in the grand halls of your local university!
How to Prepare for University
Getting yourself ready for the student lifestyle!
Navigating the Path to College: Preparing in High School
Using your final months in high school to set yourself up for success when you arrive at college.
10 Reasons to Study at Vancouver Island University
Learn and play surrounded by natural beauty.
4 Tips for Success: Things I Wish I Knew as a First-Year Student
Check out these four big factors that could help you make a splash in your first year of university or college.
4 Reasons Why You Can
The Study and Go Abroad/SchoolFinder Fairs are back! Find us in Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Toronto from September 27 to October 1.
Three Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of Your First Day at Algonquin College
The feeling of boredom will be the last thing on the minds of new and returning students at Algonquin College as they step onto campus for the fall term. A multitude of exciting activities will ensure a fun start to the new academic year.
8 Things Every Student Should Do When Starting Their First Year
Your first year of university or college is just a few days away! Be prepared with these tips on how to survive and thrive in your first few weeks.
Impostor! Reshaping the Way You Think (So You Don
Impostor syndrome is real. Getting control of your thoughts can help you feel more at ease — and more at home — in new environments. Here's how.
Tips Every First Year Student Should Know at Humber College
Find out how you can make the most of your time as a first year in college.
Preparing to Study at York University
Prepare for your first year at university with 5 helpful tips.
5 Ways to Get Involved on Campus
Easy steps you can take to make your university experience more memorable.
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