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Student life can be tricky, but it’s also incredibly fun! See below to find out how to best navigate the ins and outs of student life.
CapU Alumni Q and A: Dennis Thomas-Whonoak
Dennis Thomas-Whonoak is a business leader ensuring Indigenous voices and values are heard.
Beating Stress: Dealing with the Pressures of College
How you can overcome the challenges you're facing to succeed at school.
Residence Life at York University
Check out the five biggest benefits to living on-campus in university.
The Differences Between High School and University
Of course university life is different from high school; but how, exactly? A Waterloo student walks you through what to expect.
5 Reasons to Take a Summer Course at University
Get a head-start on your degree by taking courses in the summer semester, too.
You Didn
How Mount Royal's alternative entrance options can help get you where you want to go.
Break a Sweat at Algonquin College
The new Jack Doyle Athletics and Recreation Complex has everything you need to workout, and even some extra special features like a bar and bowling alley!
Five Reasons to Accept Your York University Offer
Accept your offer of admission to gain access to York's programs, resources, and more.
Serenity Now: Making the Most of a Stressful Season
Exams come and go, but the skills and strategies for handling them last forever.
Beat the End-of-Year Stress
Overcoming the pressures of exams as we slide into summer.
Tips for Preventing Burnout
Exam season is on the way. Here's how you can stay stress-free while studying.
6 Ways to Prevent Burnout as a University Student
Glendon student Naima shares her best advice on keeping healthy and fresh, despite the stressors of university life.
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