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Top 10 Soft Skills and How to Demonstrate Them in Your Job Search
Soft skills are incredibly important and include competencies like teamwork and problem solving.
Top 10 Trend-Setting Employers for Algonquin College Students
AC's coolest student employers can help you narrow down where to work after graduation.
Careers of the Future: Entrepreneurship
Be your own boss, and enjoy flexibility no other career can offer!
The Elevator Pitch: What it Is, and Why You Need One
Make a strong first impression with a quick and straightforward introduction for yourself.
3 Career Fields on Future Watch
Keeping an eye on the labour market is a smart tactic for flexible students.
Entry-Level Jobs in Essential Services
No experience? No problem! There are open roles across the country.
How to Nail a Group Interview Over Zoom
Taking part in a group interview for a summer job? Here's how to stand out among the crowd — for the right reasons.
The Importance of Soft Skills and Your Future Career
Soft skills like communication, teamwork, professional and ethical behaviour are crucial to a successful career.
Get Paid Work Experience While You Study: Co-op & More!
The best learning environments unite theory and practice.
Preparing Your Resumé and Nailing the Interview
The experts at CapU's Career Development Centre share advice to help you land a summer job.
How to tell your authentic story when on the job hunt.
How to Take Your Future Career for a Test Drive
Why hands-on learning at a college might give you better insight into your career path.
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