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There are plenty of options to further your education after your undergraduate degree! Perhaps you’d like to do a specialized post-grad diploma, or achieve your MBA. Learn more about grad school here!
Six Signs it
If you're noticing any of these signs, it may be time to go back to school to find your true passion.
Why You Should (and Shouldn
Having a hard time deciding if grad school is right for you? Check out these common advantages and disadvantages of grad school.
How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Grad School
Do you plan on applying to grad school? Find out how you can win over the admissions committee with your statement of purpose!
How to Take Truly Restful Breaks
Grad school can be difficult, but you're sure to lower your stress levels with these break suggestions.
Dive into Northeastern
This immersive and field-intensive program in marine biology allows students to live and work in three distinct environments. You’re invited to swim along.
How Emilie from Quebec Learned to Thrive at MCPHS
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston welcomed Emilie with open arms. Here's her story.
Top 3 Benefits to Studying at KAUST
Discover how you could change the world with your innovative research at KAUST.
Canadian Optometry Student Jesse on Choosing an American School
Jesse, OD '21, speaks about how he came to MCPHS and what the experience has been like.
Campbellsville University in Windsor Offers Limited Time Scholarship for All MSITM Students
All MSITM students who enrol by January 9 will receive a $5,000 scholarship! Find out if this is the program for you!
How Your MCAT Score Can Impact Your Program Placement at Avalon University
Discover if you qualify for the Accelerated or Regular MD program at Avalon University.
How to Build Successful Study Habits for Med School
Saint James School of Medicine provides some guaranteed methods to improve your successful study habits.
CCUF Sneak Peek: Meet Some Exhibitors Before the Fair
Check out some of the schools you can expect to meet this November at a CCUF education fair!
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