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Want to study in a new country? Learn a new language? Explore a new city? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we dive into the world of studying abroad and its amazing opportunities!
Top 8 Questions to Ask When Considering Studying Abroad
Are you thinking of studying abroad? Consider asking these questions to discover your best options.
Pursuing Post-Graduate Studies Abroad: Risks and Rewards
Missed out on getting an international experience in your undergrad? It's not too late.
Studying Medicine in the Caribbean: An SJSM Grad Tells All
Saad Hanan, a graduate from the Saint James School of Medicine, shares what it's like to study medicine in the Caribbean.
The Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations for 2023
Are you thinking of studying abroad in 2023? Check out these top locations for Canadian students!
5 Things I
A Cardiff Metropolitan University student shares his experience in the Sport Media degree program.
Ulster University Provides Peer Mentoring Support for First-Year Students
Get advice and support from a fellow student in your first year at Ulster.
Hungry for Experience? Consider a "Sandwich Year"
A tasty option to boost your employability! Read this bite-sized piece on industrial placements and paid work experience.
CCUF Sneak Peek: Meet Some Exhibitors Before the Fair
Check out some of the schools you can expect to meet this November at a CCUF education fair!
4 Reasons to Attend a CCUF Education Fair
CCUF education fairs are back online this November! Make sure you register and attend so you can connect with your future school.
Post-Graduate Qualifications at UEA, Explained
Wondering what the different types of post-grad degrees mean? From MA to PhD, we break down your options for post-graduate school.
Living on a Student Budget Can Be Tough. Middlesex Can Help
Between tuition, living expenses, and course materials, uni costs can add up. Middlesex offers advice and supports to make student life in the UK easier.
Did You Know? Almost All Master
Over two dozen master's programs qualify for this generous scholarship program, which covers most fees, as well as tuition to Notre Dame.
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