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Want to study in a new country? Learn a new language? Explore a new city? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we dive into the world of studying abroad and its amazing opportunities!
Scholarships for Canadian Students at One of Australia
Get to know more about the University of Western Australia and its scholarships for Canadian students.
FAQ: Studying in the United States as a Canadian Student
From applying to paying for school, education in the USA is within your reach.
Everything You Need to Know About Studying in the UK
If you're interested in studying abroad in the UK, check out this breakdown of how you can make it possible!
A Summer (or Semester) Abroad: Is Studying Overseas Right For You?
Be sure to consider your goals and your budget before making any big decisions.
If you're considering applying to medical school, you need to check out the top tips that'll help make you a competitive candidate.
Why Study in the United States?
Discover how a U.S. education is more accessible than you think!
Top 4 Reasons to Study Occupational Therapy at Bond University
If you're thinking of pursuing your Master of Occupational Therapy degree, check out why Bond University may be the best option for you!
5 Reasons Why You Should Study in Germany
Discover why you should consider studying at the University of Cologne in Germany!
Young Climate Activists Have More Power Than They Know
Students and young people standing up for the Earth have more power and influence than they realize!
Dive into Northeastern
This immersive and field-intensive program in marine biology allows students to live and work in three distinct environments. You’re invited to swim along.
How Emilie from Quebec Learned to Thrive at MCPHS
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston welcomed Emilie with open arms. Here's her story.
What is the Russell Group of UK Universities?
Have you thought about studying abroad in the UK? Check out why the Russell Group of universities may be the best option for you!
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