5 Sal Iacono Family Bursaries Open Now to Algonquin College Students

If you're a Canadian student at Algonquin College, or you're considering attending the Ottawa-based college, this is for you!

Applications are now open for five (5) Sal Iacono Family Bursaries, each worth $1,500! The application deadline is April 19th, 2024, so if you're interested, be sure to apply soon.

Who was Sal Iacono?

Sal established this bursary fund with his wife Marisa in 2008, alongside two anonymous donors, with donations matched by the Ontario Trust for Student Support. Sal was a long-time leader in his community, and though he passed away in 2023, even in his final moments, he embodied the importance of optimism and hope.

You can read more about Sal's life and loved ones here.

Sal Iacono, 1955-2023

Who is eligible to apply for a Sal Iacono Family Bursary?

These five $1,500 bursaries are open to students at Algonquin College who are in financial need — that is to say, students who need a hand filling a gap in their college funding. Sound familiar?

There's only a couple of other restrictions: Applicants must be Canadian citizens, and must have lived in Ontario for at least a year prior to applying for a bursary. The award is open to students in any year of their program.

What program areas qualify for the bursary?

The Sal Iacono Family Bursary is open to students in any program at Algonquin College's Ottawa campus! From Advertising to Welding, and everything in between — if you're an Algonquin College student in financial need, you can apply.

After all, the value of education is the learning process itself, and the skills you develop, so all programs are eligible!

How do I apply for a Sal Iacono Family Bursary?

The 2024 application window is open between March 1 and April 19, 2024.

Interested students can visit this link to download the submission criteria, which includes all the details you need to know to submit a great application.

You can also visit this page to fill out a short form and register interest in the bursary. You'll then get an email with the complete application form as soon as it's available!

Alongside the application form, you'll need a few other things, so don't delay in pulling your documents together. Here's what you'll require:

  • Transcripts from high school (and college, if applicable)
  • Letter of acceptance to Algonquin College
  • Two reference letters:
    • Academic reference: from your high school principal, or a college professor, on school letterhead
    • Personal reference: from someone familiar with your extra-curriculars and personal character. (This person cannot be a family member!)
  • A one-page letter with several specific details: see below for more!

What should I include in my one-page letter?

Your personal letter is an important part of your application. In a one-page typed letter, tell us a bit about yourself, and your personality — but be sure to include the following elements as well:

  • Why is your program of interest important to you, and how did it motivate you to apply for a bursary?
  • Why is post-secondary education in general important to you?
  • What are your goals for after graduation?
  • What's your financial situation like, generally? How do you plan to pay for the rest of your college experience? Any personal challenges you're facing, or anticipating, that might make funding school that much harder?
  • Perhaps most importantly: in what ways do you display compassion, consideration, kindness, and integrity in your community? — all qualities that Sal Iacono was known for!

That's a lot to include, so be clever and careful in your writing, and have a friend or teacher look your work over before submitting. As a rule of thumb, consider spending roughly one paragraph on each aspect of the letter.

How will my application be assessed?

An independent team will review the applications according to a scoring rubric, which is, helpfully, available online for applicants to consult.

Be sure to have a look at the rubric itself, but here are the top-line criteria your application will be scored on:

  • Your program of interest
  • Your academic goals
  • Your career goals
  • Your challenges in funding your college education
  • Your academic performance (that is, your grades)
  • Your values and leadership skills

Savvy readers will notice these criteria line up nicely with the topics in your personal letter, so take the time needed to write something stellar.

Help, I have a question about the application!

Got questions about the bursary or application process? Reach out to Elena — Sal's daughter — at theoorfoundation@icloud.com to get the answers you need.

Best of luck to all applicants! And thank you from Elena and the team behind the Sal Iacono Family Bursary, for the opportunity to help support outstanding students like you.

Download the submission criteria for a Sal Iacono Family Bursary