Congrats to the Two Winners of the SAGA/SFF Grand Prizes, Sofia and Agata!

Another Spring tour of the Study and Go Abroad / SchoolFinder Fairs has come to a close — three stops in three cities, meeting hundreds of students and parents! The fairs are a great time, of course, but a couple of lucky students walked away with Grand Prizes: one winner scored a free round-trip flight anywhere in the world, courtesy of Air Canada, while another received $5,000 cash!

Let's meet and congratulate our lucky winners.

Sofia P: Winner of the Air Canada Grand Prize

Sofia's currently studying Biophysics at York University, in Toronto, Ontario, and her dream is to continue her studies in Europe. She'd like to "attend a classical, traditional-looking university," — ideally, a place where "famous physicists, chemists, biologists, etc." have studied and worked.

Sofia's not certain what her next step will be after graduation, but since she "enjoys [her] time so much in lectures and in learning, why not stay in school?"

Attending the Study and Go Abroad / SchoolFinder Fair

"The fair experience was extremely informative," Sofia says. She "attended the first seminar, and after it concluded, I felt a wave of inspiration." Later, she spent a couple of hours exploring the booths. "The fair was simply wonderful. I had no idea that the information would be so beneficial to my future," Sofia continues.

"I also learned that the UK does one-year master's programs," she adds, "while the rest of Europe does two years. I have a strong passion for academia, so I would rather stay in my master's program longer, and truly intake what I need to learn."

"There are so many opportunities out there waiting to be uncovered," Sofia says. "Whatever comes your way, seize it. ... The world is your oyster and you are a pearl. You'll be great, and there's always someone rooting for you."

"That fair did so much for me, and I was almost going to pass on it. I am so lucky and grateful to have gone!"

Round-trip flight anywhere in the world

"About a year ago, in June 2023, I decided I want to go backpack around Europe," Sofia says. "The date is set: April 26, I fly into Poland for a family event. After a few weeks, my family flies back, and my sister and I are off to take over Europe."

Have a great time in Europe — and perhaps beyond, Sofia! Thanks for attending the Study and Go Abroad / SchoolFinder Fair this Spring!

Agata D: Winner of the $5,000 Cash Grand Prize

Agata's still in high school, trying to decide upon her future endeavours in college or university. "I'd like to go into the medical field," she says. "Medicine, and how different things affect the human body."

"At first, I didn't even believe that I actually won something," Agata says. "But then when it hit me I was so happy."

Attending the Study and Go Abroad / SchoolFinder Fair

At first, Agata was hesitant to attend the Montreal fair! "When my mom suggested it, I wasn't looking forward to it, but once we got there I realized the people were really nice and welcoming," says Agata. "I really enjoyed walking around and learning about all the universities and talking to new people."

"I learned quite a bit about how the systems work and how many years I'll need to do." Agata continues: "I'd advise anyone to go to these types of fairs, because it helped me learn a lot. (I also got a pen in the form of a syringe which was sick.)" Everyone loves a bit of free swag!

$5,000 cash for tuition, books, or whatever else

Agata doesn't have definite plans for her financial windfall — at least not yet. "I would like to save most of the money to later use to pay for my education," she says. Commendable! After all, "an extra $5,000 never hurt anybody," as Agata says!

Best of luck in your future studies, Agata. Thanks for coming out to the Study and Go Abroad / SchoolFinder Fair this Spring!

Huge congrats to both Sofia P and Agata D, winners of the Study and Go Abroad / SchoolFinder Fair Grand Prizes for Spring 2024.

Big thanks to everyone who attended one of the events this Spring! We can't do it without students and parents like you.

The next round of Study and Go Abroad / SchoolFinder Fairs will take place in Fall 2024, so be sure to visit for the latest info on upcoming fairs. Join us then — you may even win a prize!

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