Going to school in the age of COVID is tough. Doubly so if you're in your first year of post-secondary, facing new challenges, new places, and new people. To support incoming students in building a connection to the Lakers community, Nipissing University has launched the NU Gateway program.

NU Gateway

As a new first-year, you'll join a NU Gateway Community made up of around 30 other students. Each Community will be led by a Community Leader, an upper-year student in charge of running engaging activities, and a NU Gateway Coach on the Nipissing staff will offer personal support to help you when you need it.

Your NU Gateway Coach will learn about your interests, hobbies, and needs, and work with you to reach your personal, social, and academic goals! The NU Gateway is personalized for each participant, so getting to know you will start us off on the right track.

The Gateway Arch is an iconic North Bay landmark, symbolizing the city and its intersection of north-south, east-west traffic. Like the Gateway Arch, the NU Gateway program welcomes Lakers and links the Nipissing community with the wider world.

Supports and resources

Navigating the changes that come with post-secondary can be tricky. Your NU Gateway Community can help you feel more confident and prepared for the stress of university so you can succeed in your classes.

Through your Community, you'll learn to navigate Nipissing's resources remotely, including Library Services, Technology Services, and E-Learning support for when you're struggling.

Personalized guidance

Your NU Gateway Coach and Community Leader will reach out to answer questions and support your transition to university. Based on your goals, your Community will connect you with the people and places that can help get you where you want to be. Your Coach and Community Leader will ensure you understand every resource available to you!

Getting connected and building skills

Your Community Leader will schedule regular online events to connect you with classmates and peers. You'll be part of the Lakers community by joining in with fun group activities from your comfort of your room.

All the while, you'll be developing the skills you need to stride boldly into the world. From academic success to your budding career, the skills you build as part of a NU Gateway Community will stay with you a lifetime!

Got questions about the NU Gateway program? Just email us at and we'll get back to you soon!

Even more support: the NU Promise program

A complement to the NU Gateway program that goes beyond first year, the NU Promise program pairs you with a Student Success Coordinator to tackle the three core pillars of success in university: academics, self-development, and career development. Nipissing supports you throughout your student career and beyond — learn more here.

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