RBC and partners from across Canada bring you free networking and skill development tools, direct to your device.

Don't let the learning stop! Get involved with RBC Future Launch at Home and take advantage of the many programs, articles, and tools available from RBC and its partners. It's important to stay engaged, connected, and empowered, even at home.

Future Launch at Home brings exciting skill development and networking opportunities directly to your computer. RBC has teamed up with supporting organizations from across the country — everyone from the Ontario Science Centre to Magnet — so you can stay sharp and develop your personal and professional lives.

Let's take a tour of some of the latest tools, which you can access totally free through RBC Future Launch at Home!

Skill development

No matter your career aspirations and current skillset, there's always more you can do to broaden your knowledge and build the skills you'll need for your future.

Ladies Learning Code | Canada Learning Code

Reimagined from the ground-up for virtual learning, these workshops are beginner-friendly, and offer collaborative, hands-on projects in a welcoming space. Small class sizes and dedicated Canada Learning Code team members mean you'll get the help you need when you need it. Workshops range from HTML and CSS to Managing Data with SQL, so you're sure to find an interesting topic!

Science at Home | Ontario Science Centre

From the kitchen to the backyard, science is all around us. You'll find fun DIY science experiments and activities to help you explore the world. The Ontario Science Centre is dedicated to asking questions, making observations, and testing theories — fundamental skills for the budding scientist. Think you're too old for baking soda volcanoes? Take part in Ask a Scientist Facebook Live events where you can get in touch with working scientists to answer your burning questions about life, the universe, and everything!

CanHack | The DMZ at Ryerson University

If you're in high school and interested in the growing industry of cybersecurity, this competition is for you. Designed by students, for students, CanHack is part of a free online cybersecurity competition built by Carnegie Mellon University. You'll take part in an escalating series of challenges connected to unique storylines that will test your skills and have you working with experts in the field — all for a chance at over $16,000 in cash!

Networking and career-readiness

Most people say they dread it, but network is really just talking to people and asking questions — not so scary when you look at it. Still, getting the opportunity for authentic networking can be tough, so Future Launch at Home offers many ways to get connected.

RBC Future Launch Live Workshops | RBC Future Launch

RBC is developing different workshops on everything from definining your own personal brand to saving money for your future. All you need to take part is a device (like whatever computer, phone, or tablet you're reading this on) and a free Webex account (basically fancy Zoom). New workshops are going up throughout fall to be sure to check in and take part to build your network and be ready for your career.

Enactus Canada Career Resources | Enactus Canada

Enactus Canada is an experiential learning platform that brings together students, academics, and industry pros to shape the world with an optimistic, competitive spirit. Enactus supports youth entrepreneurship and community empowerment projects alike. All this is to say they really know their stuff, and they've distilled a ton of knowledge into one massive career resources page. Wondering about presenting yourself professionally, or getting noticed in a competitive workforce? Enactus has you covered.

These are just a few of the recent and upcoming events featured on RBC Future Launch at Home. You can get involved for free and start building the future you want — and the world you want to live in. Don't forget about the RBC Future Launch Scholarship, too! If you're between 15 and 29 and taking a short-term course or workshop, you could get $1,500 towards it!

So be sure to check out Future Launch at Home for the latest resources to support you in whatever your future holds!

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