Network and brainstorm during these virtual events and you could win a scholarship of up to 80% off your tuition at IEU!

IE University has launched a series of Global Challenges for undergraduate students to creatively address and develop innovative ideas that could make a difference in the world.

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Impacting the World: the SDGs Challenge

The SDGs Challenge is a global competition to develop creative problem-solving skills by designing innovative solutions to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). You'll apply a design-thinking methodology to create impactful projects, learn how to effectively pitch, and present your refined proposal to a panel of judges.

Read more about the SDGs Challenge (pdf).

The Money Heist Challenge

The Money Heist Challenge is a global competition where you'll learn from two top IE professors, one from the world of Storytelling and other from the world of Data Analytics. You'll be an investigator of these stories. Your task is to draw lessons from the popular Money Heist series and apply them to the most powerful and impactful social movements of today.

Read more about the Money Heist Challenge (pdf).

International Portfolio Challenge

The International Portfolio Challenge is a global competition that will allow you to explore the relevance of the portfolio as a tool for an aspiring designer/architect. In the first session, you'll have a workshop on how to create your first portfolio, looking at different examples and providing feedback and insights. After the workshop, you'll have two weeks to work on your own portfolio and submit it for phase 2, where we will make a choice and give a full in-depth critique to the winner.

Read more about the International Portfolio Challenge (pdf).

School Debate Challenge

The School Debate Challenge is a global competition that brings together like-minded students from around the world to debate relevant topics in society today. This is an excellent opportunity to develop your rhetoric skills, meet students from other high schools worldwide and sharpen invaluable communication techniques. You'll learn to compose compelling and persuasive arguments in response to the pressing social, economic and environmental issues faced in society today.

Read more about the School Debate Challenge (pdf).

Pitch Perfect - the Social Innovation Challenge

The Social Innovation Challenge is a global challenge that partners you with an up-and-coming German startup to develop a business plan that will contribute sustainable solutions to real global issues. You'll take part in workshops with professors and IE alumni, then make your "perfect pitch" for your chance to win a scholarship!

Contact Virginia Reick to learn more about the Pitch Perfect Challenge.

Our IEU Global Challenges are 100% virtual and the winners of each challenge will have the opportunity to gain exclusive scholarships (up to 50%) and the chance to advance to the IEU Leadership Program with all of the winners from the different global competitions. The winner of the Leadership Program will be eligible for an 80% scholarship at IE University.

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