Earn a master's degree in digital media without breaking the bank thanks to these scholarship opportunities.

It's a great time to be a graduate student in the Master of Digital Media program at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver! The Centre for Digital Media is a graduate school with a strong reputation in the digital arts located in downtown Vancouver. Students in this program gain valuable real-world experience with professionals in the industry and 95% of graduates from this school go on to work in their desired fields.

Half of all CDM students receive a scholarship

Offering 11 different awards, the program awards scholarships to 50% of their students throughout their studies. These scholarships can be a fantastic way to help you pay for your education.

Apart from the Pat Hibbitts scholarship, these scholarships require no application, you are automatically considered for them upon application to the program. They are awarded to people who meet their requirements, for example impressive sample work, good recommendation letters, and outstanding performance in previous post-secondary programs. It is important when providing sample work to show off your personality and creative side!

To win the awards, you need to stand out from the crowd, so don't be afraid to take chances and share unique work! Another deciding factor in many of these scholarships is the quality of your reference letters. When finding someone to write you a reference letter, ensure the person you're asking knows your character well and can write a letter that feels personalized to you. You want to make sure your reference letter feels genuine and isn't filled with generic fluff.

Lastly, a common requirement for some of these entry scholarships is impressive academic performance in prior post-secondary institutions. While these are fixed once you've graduated, scholarships can be an additional incentive to give your all to your university work!

The Pat Hibbitts Scholarship

Valued at $20,000, the Pat Hibbitts scholarship is a terrific way to help pay off those pesky fees! To be eligible for this scholarship you need to be a female who has been admitted into the Master of Digital Media program. You must also show your transition from a non digital media field to digital media. In addition to showing your transition into digital media, you must have prior work experience of at least 3 years in a field unrelated to digital media.

Now for the application process! To apply for the Pat Hibbitts scholarship, you'll need to provide your transcript from all previous post-secondary institutions, a curriculum vitae (CV) that includes your relevant work and professional accomplishments, and a reference letter covering relevant experience. The reference letter should also explain why the nominee would be a benefit from a transition to digital media. These documents should all be emailed to admissions@thecdm.ca by February 15th.

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