Spark Power 'Be Powerful' Scholarship is Open Now!

Have you heard about the new Spark Power "Be Powerful" scholarship program yet? Spark Power, a provider of end-to-end electrical services, is offering six scholarships, altogether worth over $100,000!

The scholarship program is open to applicants interested in the electrical industry — whether you're working on a trades course in high school, you're a newcomer to Canada, or you're looking for a strong, stable, second career, you should check out the Spark Power "Be Powerful" scholarships. Members of underrepresented groups, including women in trades, people living with disabilities, and members of visible minority groups are encouraged to apply!

What's at stake?

Not only are there six scholarships available, each of which is worth thousands of dollars, but you'll also be considered for a job on a Spark Power site in Ontario. This means you'll get a hand paying for your education, and your foot in the door after graduation.

Award categories

There are three categories for this scholarship program, each of which will see two recipients.

High Voltage

The High Voltage team includes powerline technicians and high voltage technologists. You'll be dealing with some serious power! Two four-year scholarships will be offered to those joining the High Voltage team.

Low Voltage

The Low Voltage team includes licensed electricians and electrical designers. Get creative with light! Two five-year scholarships will be offered to those joining the Low Voltage team.


The Renewables team includes wind, solar, and renewable energy technicians. Talk about a sustainable future! Two three-year scholarships will be offered to those joining the Renewables team.

How do I apply?

The Spark Power "Be Powerful" scholarship program is open until October 15. To apply, please visit the Spark Power "Be Powerful" scholarship application portal and fill out your info. The application process only takes a minute or two.

You'll also have to submit a personal statement or video, which is where things get a little trickier! In a 500 word essay, or a three minute video, please tell us:

  • What is your interest and experience in the trades or construction?
  • Why is receiving this scholarship important to you?
  • How will receiving a Spark Power scholarship help you overcome barriers to success?

Finally, you'll need to send in a transcript from your most recent year of school, be it high school, college, university, or beyond.

In the application portal, you can upload your essay and transcript directly. If you're submitting a video, please include a link to an unlisted YouTube or Vimeo page as your uploaded personal statement. Ensure anyone with the link can view your video!

What's next?

Well, if you're interested in being one of the six recipients of a Spark Power "Be Powerful" scholarship, and you want to work with Spark Power at one of its many Ontario sites — and especially if you're a member of an underrepresented community — you should apply for a "Be Powerful" scholarship before October 15!

If you have questions about the application process, you can email us at and we'll do our best to help you out.

Best of luck!

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