Students study in a Canadian comp sci program found through the 2022 Maclean's computer science program rankings.

A computer science program in Canada can open many doors for you. With this degree, you can become a computer programmer, artificial intelligence programmer, market research analyst, systems analyst, web designer, and many more.

A computer science degree will give you both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for designing software/hardware. You will learn to clearly communicate your ideas, critically analyze problems, and think creatively.

Check out Maclean's magazine's ranking of the best computer science programs in Canadian universities in 2022! These rankings are based on each school's reputations for quality and research strength.

School Overall Ranking Rank Last Year
University of British Columbia 1* [1*]
University of Toronto 1* [1*]
University of Waterloo 1* [1*]
McGill University 4 [4]
University of Alberta 5 [5]
Simon Fraser University 6 [7]
Université de Montréal 7 [6]
Queen's University 8 [11]
University of Calgary 9 [9]
McMaster University 10 [10]
University of Victoria 11 [8]
Carleton University 12 [16]
Western University 13 [13]
York University 14 [N/A]
Dalhousie University 15 [15]
University of Ottawa 16 [12]
Concordia University 17 [19]
Université de Sherbrooke 18 [N/A]
University of Saskatchewan 19 [N/A]
University of Windsor 20 [N/A]

An * indicates a tie.

Don't see the school you're interested in? Don't worry — reputation isn't everything. Remember to consider program offerings, campus feel, extracurricular activities, and other factors that make each campus unique!

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