7 YouTube Channels You Need to Watch to Improve Your Financial Know-How

Seeking a financial education on YouTube can be problematic, to say the least. A lot of the content on the world's biggest streaming site is optimized for foreign audiences — there's no real gatekeeper fact-checking all of the content that gets uploaded to the site, and distractions aplenty exist on the platform.

Despite these challenges, there's also a lot of great advice to be found on YouTube finance channels — if you know where to look! So, if you're looking for tips for managing your money online, we thought we'd share some of our top picks for Canadian finance YouTube channels to watch.

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Top Canadian finance YouTube channels

Much like our lists for the best finance podcasts, books about personal finance, or personal finance blogs to follow, our list of the top Canadian finance YouTube channels is not intended to be in any order. This is just a list of top financial YouTube channels that we think you might enjoy!

The Plain Bagel

Although the channel does state in its disclaimer that "The videos on this channel are for education purposes only and do not constitute financial advice," The Plain Bagel could prove to be a very useful resource for those looking to learn about personal finance on YouTube.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CFP (Certified Financial Planner) professional Richard Coffin uploads new videos fairly frequently to his channel. These videos cover a range of topics to educate viewers about various terms used in investment circles, provide insights into why certain investment types might be good or bad, and even the occasional "just-for-fun" video of him reacting to "investment TikToks" or other meme-able pieces of content.

If you want to learn about investing your money and how to interpret the acronym-filled word salad some investment advisors will throw your way, The Plain Bagel is a great place to start.

Steph & Den

Steph & Den is a financial YouTube channel run by a self-proclaimed "couple of twenty-somethings living in Toronto." The titular Steph Gordon and Dennis Mathu are a couple of young millennial professionals who work together on the weekends to create content for their shared advice channel.

This channel goes beyond just giving financial advice to help younger viewers find ways to grow their careers so they can have more disposable income in the first place. They also break down some common expenses that might be costing you more than you think, highlight how to make a budget you can stick to, and provide general advice for investing and saving money to make it work for you.

If you want to hear some valuable career advice from a couple of up-and-comers or need help with money management, consider subscribing to the Steph & Den personal finance YouTube channel.

Ben Felix

As a portfolio manager with PWL Capital Inc., Ben Felix knows about managing money and how to invest. While he has slowed down his upload schedule on his YouTube channel in recent months, he has a lot of content on there that his 221K subscribers have found useful for their own money management needs.

Some example video topics include how to retire early, preparing for a recession, and renting vs. buying a home.

Since he's on the PWL Capital team, Felix also works with portfolio manager Cameron Passmore on the Rational Reminder podcast YouTube channel from time to time (along with numerous other guest stars).

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