The Sobey National Innovator Scholarship: a Financial, Social, and Professional Head Start

Looking to pursue a degree in Commerce while being supported financially, socially, and professionally? The Sobey School of Business of Saint Mary's University invites you to apply for the Sobey National Innovator Scholarship. This entrance scholarship awards students a total of $50,000 over 4 years. The scholarships are made possible by the $18 million donation to Saint Mary's University from the Sobey family, The Sobey Foundation and Sobeys Inc. — the largest gift in the university's history.

Additionally, individuals who receive this scholarship become members of the Sobey Scholars Network, a special cohort of students and alumni. This Network provides opportunities for engagement, knowledge exchange, and mentorship to support students throughout, and long beyond, their degrees.

Am I eligible for a Sobey National Innovator Scholarship?

The Sobey School of Business invites applications from students who fit the following criteria:

  • New student accepted into the first year of a Sobey School Bachelor of Commerce program
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Minimum of 90% average, or an IB result of 6+
  • Leadership in extracurricular activities

If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply for the Sobey National Innovators Scholarship! Those who are awarded one of these 10 scholarships will receive $20,000 in their first academic year, and $10,000 a year for academic years 2 to 4. While the Sobey National Innovators Scholarship must be renewed each year, membership in the Sobey Scholars Network is never revoked.

Hannah Birru, a recipient of the Sobey National Innovators Scholarship in 2020, had this to say about her experience thus far:

"Being a recipient of the Sobey National Innovators Scholarship has been a game-changer for my university experience. I can capitalize on my university experience by solely dedicating myself to my studies and extracurriculars. The Sobey National Innovator Scholarship has allowed me the privilege to explore, learn, and grow as a student without the financial constraints of tuition."

The Sobey Scholar Network

The Sobey Scholar Network connects exceptional students and alumni who have been awarded financial support by the Sobey family and provides opportunities for engagement, knowledge exchange and mentorship. Students are given opportunities to network at university events, where they're able to meet with and talk to regional, national and international business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Susan MacInnis of the 2020 cohort summarized her experience as part of the Sobey Scholars Network as:

"The Sobey Scholars Network has provided me with not only a professional platform to meet other professionals, but also the opportunity to improve my professional communication and leadership skills through mentorship and networking events."

Choose the Sobey School of Business for a head start

The Sobey School of Business, located at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is an excellent option for students looking for a community-centered environment. Mackenzie Kearney of the 2021 cohort highlighted some of the great benefits of attending the Sobey School of Business:

"The Commerce program at Saint Mary's is truly unique; all of my professors have been great at broadening my knowledge of different sections of commerce and tying together how they are related, and the small class sizes have allowed me to get to know my professors and classmates. Choosing to study Commerce at Saint Mary's has been one of the best decisions that I've made."

If you are eligible for this scholarship, we invite you to look at the application process.

Apply now for a Sobey National Innovator Scholarship