New Immigration Options for People Affected in Ukraine

Canada recognizes the ongoing struggles of the people of Ukraine, who are suffering an invasion at the hands of a neighbouring power. With bombs detonating across Ukraine, the Canadian federal government is making changes to support Ukrainians here in Canada and abroad.

Immigration and Citizenship Canada is updating immigration protocols. More changes may come down the pipeline, but here's the latest information:

Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Ukraine

Canadians who wish to leave Ukraine can do so with the help of accelerated passport processing times. This includes immediate family members, too.

Family reunification

If you're a Canadian citizen or permanent resident with family in Ukraine, your application for family reunification will be fast-tracked. You don't have to do anything special, but the family member(s) must hold Ukrainian citizenship, live outside Canada, and be one of the following:

  • your spouse, common-law, or conjugal partner
  • your dependent child (including children who were legally adopted)

Unfortunately, there are no plans to fast-track family members outside your immediate circle.

New applicants from Ukraine

Canadian citizens and permanent residents aren't alone, though. Canada is fast-tracking people living in Ukraine to come to Canada via the following pathways:

  • permanent residence (PR)
  • temporary residence
  • proof of citizenship
  • adoption

This means Ukrainians wishing to settle in Canada will be prioritized as Immigration and Citizenship Canada works through applications.

Ukrainians working in Canada

Canada's established a new policy that lets Ukrainians, and other visitors to Canada, apply for a work permit. If you get a job offer while you're here, you can start working even before your work permit application is processed. This new policy was originally a COVID measure that will also help support people leaving Ukraine for Canada.

Useful links and resources

Browse the links below to get details on immigration, permanent residency, work permits, study visas, and more.

I'm in Ukraine

If you're in Ukraine, check out these Immigration and Citizenship Canada links to help you find the information you need:

I'm Ukrainian, already in Canada

As a Ukrainian in Canada, you've got options. Take a look at the links below to help:

What can Canadians do to help?

All of us here at ScholarshipsCanada, SchoolFinder, and StudyinCanada, stand united with, and in support of, the people of Ukraine.

If you're a Canadian citizen concerned about what's happening in Ukraine, you're not alone. You can make your voice heard — and make a difference in people's lives — by contributing to charities supporting humanitarian aid.

Canada-Ukraine Foundation: #HelpUkraineNow

So far, over $2.3 million has been collected, of a $5 million goal, to fund humanitarian aid on the ground in Ukraine. Canada-Ukraine Foundation is an established charity with proven experience in humanitarian projects.

Make a donation to #HelpUkraineNow.

Canadian Red Cross: Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

The Canadian Red Cross supports humanitarian projects across the planet, and is collecting donations to support relief efforts, long-term recovery, and displaced peoples. The Canadian federal government matched individual donations to the Red Cross, meaning $20 million or more has been collected thanks to the generosity of Canadians.

Donate to the Red Cross' Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

UNHCR: Ukraine Emergency

UNHCR is the United Nations' refugee agency, and it's committed to helping displaced peoples in conflict zones. UNHCR is running a donation drive to address the emergency in Ukraine and provide essential goods and services to the people affected.

Donate now to the UNHCR Ukraine Emergency fund.

Making a charitable contribution to a legitimate organization, like those listed above, is a great way to show your support for the people of Ukraine. You can also attend peaceful protests and rallies to demonstrate that you stand on the side of freedom from tyranny.

Ukraine needs your help, so please give whatever you can: money, time, and messages of support.

We stand with 🇺🇦 Ukraine 🇺🇦.

Donate to the Red Cross' Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal