De Beers Group Scholarships for Women in STEM Open Now

If you're a Canadian woman with a passion for STEM — that is, Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics — and you're heading into your first year at college or university, you need to check out the De Beers Group Scholarships for Canadian Women. Ten scholarships of $4,500 each are available: all you need to do is apply!

Am I eligible for a De Beers Group Scholarship for Canadian Women?

The De Beers Group is offering a total of $45,000, across ten students, to Canadian women in STEM programs. Here's a quick breakdown of eligibility requirements:

  • You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • You must be female
  • You must be entering your first year of study in an undergraduate program
  • You must be pursuing a STEM-related program: science, tech, engineering, or math
  • You must be studying at an accredited Canadian college or university

Remember, "undergraduate" means the program is at the college or university level. In most cases, you'll be pursuing either a diploma or a bachelor's degree. Students who are entering a graduate degree, at the master's level or above, are not eligible for this scholarship.

Though anyone who meets the above criteria is welcome (and encouraged!) to apply, the De Beers Group team has a preference for women of Indigenous descent, as well as a preference for students located in Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Northern Ontario, or Southern Alberta.

How do I apply for a De Beers Group scholarship?

Applying for a scholarship is easy. So easy, in fact, that you should apply right now! Here's how:

Step 1: Create an account

Just visit the De Beers Group Scholarships for Canadian Women application portal and create an account using the "Start Here" button.

Step 2: Fill out the application form

Use the "Apply Now" tab to get started. Read the instructions carefully, then click "Start an Application."

Follow the prompts on the application form, and be sure to give a look to the terms and conditions (PDF). On the form, you'll be asked:

  • Which university or college you'll be attending
  • What degree or diploma you're pursuing
  • Which field of study you're entering

Otherwise, you'll just need to enter some personal info, like name, email, mailing address, and so on.

Step 3: Upload your supporting documents

This part is the trickiest, as you'll need to do some prep beforehand.

Once you've submitted the application form, outlined in Step 2, above, use the "Documents" tab to access the "My Documents" page. From here, you can upload your supporting documents. The required docs are:

  • A current resumé, detailing your academic achievements and community involvement
  • Proof of enrolment, showing you're attending an accredited school in a STEM-related program. (This can be proof of acceptance, if you don't have proof of enrolment yet)
  • Two reference letters, speaking to your accomplishments, be them personal, professional, or academic
  • A statement of purpose, answering the following question in 500 words or less: "What will receiving this award mean for you and your community?"

That's it! Once you've uploaded these documents, in PDF, DOC, or JPEG/PNG, you're all set! When you're done, be sure to click the button labeled "I have finished uploading my documents."

Once you've added your docs, your application is complete!

Great, I've applied! What's next?

The hard part's over. All you have to do now is wait. The deadline to apply is July 31, 2022. In August, we'll start reviewing the applications, and reach out via email to everyone who applied.

Until then, tell your friends about this scholarship — it's a great opportunity. And if you haven't applied yet, what are you waiting for??

Apply now for a De Beers Group Scholarship for Canadian Women