George Brown College Supports Students with Lots of Scholarship Options

George Brown College, located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, offers tons of scholarships to support students. There are plenty of awards, scholarships, and bursaries, of lots of different types. Consider this your introduction to the plethora of financial awards available to George Brown students. Have questions? We'd love to hear from you!

College-wide awards

College-wide awards are open to any student at George Brown College. Some of these are entrance scholarships, meaning they're intended for first-year students coming right out of high school, while others are open to any student who meets the eligibility requirements. Here's a quick look at some interesting college-wide awards from GBC:

Scholarship name Award value Scholarship description
Black Student Divisional Scholarship $2,000 Two scholarships are offered to Black students at George Brown, who provide two letters of recommendation and demonstrate a need for financial support.
GBC Downtown East Scholarship $2,000 Six awards are open to students who live in downtown Toronto and are the first in their family to attend post-secondary education.
Scotiabank and the Scotiabank Bursaries $1,000 One hundred bursaries are open to full-time students in financial need from an Indigenous, Black or otherwise racialized background.

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Awards for Indigenous students

GBC is committed to reconciliation with Canada's Indigenous peoples. One small part of these efforts include offering scholarships and bursaries intended specifically for students of Indigenous heritage. Check out just a few of the awards available:

Scholarship name Scholarship description
Tony Jelenic Scholarship This award is available to Indigenous students in financial need, pursuing a program at the Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts, in any year of study.
McGrath Family Scholarship Full-time Indigenous students in financial need, who show commitment to their community through mentorship or volunteering, are eligible for this scholarship.
Hami Canada Student Scholarship Open to any full-time GBC student with decent grades in a Work Integrated Learning program. Preference is given to students who self-identify as Indigenous.

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International student awards

Paying for school as an international student can be difficult. Higher fees means a greater need for scholarships and bursaries. George Brown College is here to help with awards intended for students from overseas.

Scholarship name Scholarship description
Scotiabank International Partner Entrance Scholarships These scholarships are for first-year international students pursuing a full-time program at GBC. You'll need excellent grades, and demonstrated leadership experience, to be eligible!
Kimokran (Toronto) Scholarship for International Students International students in second year or above, with good grades and active community involvement, are eligible for this scholarship.
Woori Education Scholarship International students in a full-time diploma or degree program, with strong academics, and a history of participation in the community, are eligible for the Woori Education Scholarship.

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George Brown College supports students through scholarships and bursaries. Take a look at the full list of awards and reach out to with any questions.

We can't wait to see you at George Brown College!

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