Join Us in Congratulating the 2022 Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship Recipients!

The Manulife Life Lessons scholarships support students who have endured the loss of a parent or guardian and need a little help paying for school. Each scholarship is worth $10,000, and the 2023 scholarship is open now for applications.

Meet the 2022 Manulife Life Lessons scholarship recipients

Let's take this chance to meet some of the recipients of the 2022 Manulife Life Lessons scholarships!

Austin K.

University of Alberta | Finance

"I have found it very difficult sometimes to continue my education, but with deeply depressing circumstances comes resilience and strength..." Read Austin's story.

Brynn W.

St. Francis Xavier University | Health

"I know my mom did all she could to care for us but, unfortunately, education was just not in the budget..." Watch Brynn's story.

Daniella F.

Dalhousie University | Agriculture

"Without life insurance, my family carries around this financial burden. My mom works three jobs, my sister and I work two jobs through summer and one through the school months..." Read Daniella's story.

Hailey B.

Memorial University of Newfoundland | Science

"The loss I experienced made me mature from a young girl with dreams and aspirations to a young adult who wanted to make sure her family was in a place of happiness again..." Read Hailey's story.

Kaitlyn R.

St. Francis Xavier University | Forensic Psychology

"Although no one thought I could do it, people looked at my parents choices, and my family's financial situation and considered me a write off, thought I would go nowhere, I've persevered and fought to be where I am..." Read Kaitlyn's story.

Kim B.

University of Windsor | Nursing

"When I was four years old my four siblings and I were removed from their care, and I spent my childhood with various family members until my sister took custody at age eighteen. My parents' substance-use and mental health struggles impeded them from purchasing life insurance or pursuing financial planning..." Read Kim's story.

Lauren S.

McGill University | Fine Arts

"I told myself I'd be a social worker. That way, I could help people struggling with addiction, just like my dad. But really, I chose this route because it seemed a practical path that would result in a stable job. My anxiety for financial stability held me back..." Watch Lauren's story.

Natasha S.

University of British Columbia | Arts

"I was on the debate team all through high school and dreamt of going to Harvard law school. I even graduated high school with a 93% average. But after attending one info session, I knew my family could not afford it and I would have to save up myself if I wanted to go..." Read Natasha's story.

Paris I.

Carleton University | Health Science

"It is my dream to be a medical doctor so that I can play a critical role in reducing maternal and infant mortality in Africa and also offer a great deal back to the Canadian community..." Read Paris' story.

Sarah R.

Bishop's University

"My father's lack of life insurance magnified the burden my cousin faced when taking on the mantle of caring for me. With her husband being the sole provider for this new family, due to her own mental turmoil, there was no room for excess..." Read Sarah's story.

Serena M.

University of Guelph

"Every step of my academic journey had been burdened by financial challenges. I put myself through school by aggressively working multiple jobs and saving money, applying for social support in the form of bursaries for children in government care, and seeking every scholarship opportunity..." Read Serena's story.

Teyha O.

University of Calgary | International Relations

"I have maintained a 92% grade average while working 25 hours a week since I was 13 years old. I have financially supported my family with car repair payments, groceries, and household bills. Throughout all of this my want to learn, grow and become someone who can create change in the world has increased every year..." Read Teyha's story.

Zoe M.

MacEwan University | Commerce

"Imagine you hop into the backseat and catch your mother's teary eyes in the rearview mirror. Your mind goes into a stupor as you hear: "Dad passed away." This was the situation I found myself in when I learned of my father's death..." Read Zoe's story.

Congrats to all of the incredible 2022 Manulife Life Lessons recipients.

Want to join their ranks? The Manulife Life Lessons scholarship is open from February 1 through March 31 each year. Check it out and apply if you're eligible. Best of luck.

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