Grow Your Future in Agriculture with a $5,000 G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship

Canadian high school students graduating in 2023 are eligible for one of six $5,000 scholarships from G3 Canada.

The future of agriculture is in your hands. As Canada grows, our food systems must evolve and change. That's why G3 is looking to students for new ideas!

Six G3 Grow Beyond scholarships are up for grabs this year, worth $5,000 each. Plus, each winner's high school will receive a $1,000 prize — your teachers will thank you!

Who is eligible for a $5,000 G3 Grow Beyond scholarship?

You don't have to be a budding farmer to apply for a scholarship. Whether you're interested in a career in agriculture or not, G3 wants to hear your ideas! You can apply if you're:

  • a student at a Canadian high school
  • graduating in 2023
  • planning to enrol in a Canadian college or university
  • not a resident of Quebec (sorry, the scholarship isn't open to Quebec residents)

Sound like you? Then you're eligible to submit an application for one of six $5,000 scholarships!

How do I apply for a G3 Grow Beyond scholarship?

To apply for a scholarship, just produce and share a short video of one to two minutes, describing your vision for the future of agriculture in Canada. You'll also need to submit any accompanying documents, as required, and share your post-secondary acceptance letter by mid-June.

That's it! G3 is seeking innovative, fresh perspectives from Canadian youth. In your video, explain how your ideas will make a difference, and describe how you'll contribute to leading Canada's food systems into the future.

How can I improve my chances at receiving a scholarship?

Once your video is complete, share it with friends and family! The public will vote on the videos and ideas they like the best — so gather up your loved ones and get them to vote! The more people who vote for your ideas, the better your chances at being selected for a scholarship.

What sort of video should I produce?

Not sure where to start? Check out the video submissions from the 2022 winners page to get a sense of what has worked in the past. You might find yourself inspired, and set off in a totally new direction!

To get you started, take a look at this video from 2022 winner Kiya:

How will my video submission be assessed?

Each finalist will be assessed by the following metrics:

  • 1. How well your video addresses the questions below. This will be judged by a panel of industry professionals (65%)
    • What is your chosen field of study and why does it interest you?
    • What is one major challenge facing the world that you believe could be addressed through innovation in the field of agriculture?
    • Describe this innovation and how your studies can achieve it
  • 2. Online public voting. A maximum of one video vote (per IP address) will be allowed for each of the five geographic regions designated on the website (25%)
  • 3. Community and/or school involvement (10%)

When is the deadline to apply for a G3 Grow Beyond scholarship?

Be sure to submit your one- to two-minute video to G3 by the April 26, 2023 deadline! Remember, you don't need to be involved in agriculture, or pursuing an agriculture program, to apply. G3 is eager to hear from any high school student with a great idea, so if you're interested in this scholarship, and food in general, go ahead and apply.

Apply now for a G3 Grow Beyond scholarship