Double Your Donation to Support Earthquake Survivors in Turkey and Syria

You've probably heard about the devastating earthquakes suffered by Turkey and Syria this month. On February 6, a massive earthquake shook parts of southern Turkey and northwestern Syria, triggering numerous aftershocks over the following days. Together, the disaster has claimed over 23,000 lives, with more reports coming in every day.

The scale of the tragedy is unthinkable: this was one of the largest earthquakes the area has ever seen, causing untold destruction.

You can do your part to help. Until February 22, the Government of Canada is doubling Canadians' donations to the Red Cross in support of survivors and rescue crews.

Canada will match your donation to earthquake relief efforts

Times are tight, and being a student isn't cheap. Still, if you've got a little extra cash this month, consider donating to the Red Cross' on-the-ground relief efforts in Turkey and Syria. Until February 22, the Canadian government will match your donation, so your contribution will have double the impact.

You can donate to the Red Cross now via, where your donation will be matched by the federal government of Canada.

Clean water, medical attention, rescue, and shelter

Temperatures are low in the region right now, putting survivors at risk of severe hypothermia. Your contribution to the relief efforts will help supply survivors with clean water, food, warm clothes, medical attention, and safe shelter. You'll also help search and rescue crews track and recover injured people.

Other organizations you can support

Of course, the Red Cross isn't the only organization on the ground supporting earthquake survivors. Many humanitarian groups are working around the clock to save as many people as they can. You can support these groups, too, via the CanadaHelps webpage — but bear in mind, only donations to the Red Cross will be matched by the federal government.

Donate before February 22 to show your support

Now's the time to donate. Your contribution will be matched by the Canadian government until February 22, so be sure to grab your wallet before the deadline. You can continue donating beyond February 22, but your impact will be maximized if you act now.

Thank you for supporting the casualties of this tragedy. The Red Cross, and the survivors who've lost everything, will thank you.

Donate to the Red Cross now and get your contribution matched