Schulich Builders: Canada's Largest Scholarship Program for Students in the Skilled Trades

Big news for students who are pursuing the skilled trades at Ontario colleges: the Schulich Foundation has launched "Schulich Builders," Canada's largest scholarship program for students in the trades. (You may recognize Schulich from the Schulich Leaders program for university students in STEM.)

Schulich Builders is brand-new, with $3 million committed for the first year of operation. The goal is to support students who are working towards an education in the trades. Canada's facing a massive shortfall of skilled tradespeople in the coming years, but programs like these can help students get a good education and a stable career in the trades.

Which schools are participating in the Schulich Builders program?

For 2023, the first year of the Schulich Builders program, ten Ontario colleges are taking part. They are:

The program may expand in future to other schools (and other provinces) but for now, you must attend one of the above schools to qualify for a Schulich Builders scholarship. Each school has its own list of programs that will qualify, so be sure to do some research before committing!

What scholarships are available at these colleges?

Each of the ten Ontario colleges participating in the Schulich Builders program will offer ten scholarships. Each school will have the same division in funds. Over the course of a year, 100 scholarships will be given in total. Here's what you can expect:

Five $20,000 scholarships for one-year certificate programs

Certificates are the shortest programs at most colleges. A $20,000 scholarship will certainly cover tuition costs, with plenty left over for materials, tools, and even living expenses.

Five students pursuing a one-year certificate at each of the ten colleges will receive a $20,000 scholarship!

Five $40,000 scholarships for two-year diploma programs

A two-year diploma is the standard for most college programs. A $40,000 scholarship over two years ($20,000 per year) will be more than enough to cover tuition, lab fees and materials, as well as living costs.

Five students working on a two-year diploma at each of the ten colleges will receive a $40,000 scholarship!

Mentorship and leadership training

Beyond the big-dollar scholarships themselves, the Schulich Builders program will also offer its recipients leadership training and mentorship with professionals, so by the time you graduate, you're well on your way to a successful career.

How do I apply for a Schulich Builder scholarship?

First priority will be given to students who are nominated by their high school, meaning you'll want to speak with your guidance counsellor or trades teacher and get them to put in a good word for you! You could also be nominated by an employer, co-worker, or a community organization you're a part of.

Each Ontario high school can nominate up to five candidates to apply for Schulich Builders scholarship. Send an email to to get a copy of the nomination form.

The nomination deadline is April 14! Be aware that each college has its own enrolment deadline too — most are in May or June — so be sure to apply to a certificate or diploma program before the deadline. Even if you're not nominated, you can apply for a scholarship directly if you're entering your first year at one of the colleges above.

Each school will decide on scholarship recipients and announce winners by July 31, 2023.

Even if you don't receive a scholarship, you're pursuing a career that will help build our country for generations to come. Best of luck in your trades education!

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