Financing Your Education at Brock University

Being able to afford the cost of university can be difficult for many students, and that's why it's important to explore scholarships, awards, and bursaries that are available to you. Scholarships can go beyond financial aid; they recognize deserving students through their hard work and success.

Brock University offers numerous awards, scholarships, and bursaries for students seeking financial aid. Here are some popular scholarships that are awarded to international students each year:

The Emerging Market Entrance Award

Awarded to students who are citizens of:

  • Colombia
  • Kenya
  • Malaysia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Pakistan

The award is worth $2,500.

The International Education Fund Award

Awarded to first-year international undergraduate students. The award is worth between $1,000 and $4,000.

International Curriculum Awards

Awarded to those with an IB diploma and successful completion of AP: incoming first-year undergraduate students with three AP courses with an exam score of 4 or more in each and an A-level final year average of C or higher. These awards are worth $1,000 each.

Applying for individual awards, scholarships, and bursaries can often feel time-consuming and tedious — but it doesn't have to be, thanks to Brock's OneApp! All students are encouraged to fill out a profile about themselves, their academic interests and extra-curricular experience, and the OneApp will automatically apply students to any awards that are available and relevant to them.

Financing your education can feel like a daunting task, which is why applying for scholarships is a step in the right direction to removing that burden. Invest a bit of time in researching and applying to scholarships to make your journey through university that much more affordable.

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