Top 3 Benefits of Responding to Surveys as a Student

What if you could make a difference in a few short minutes? Would you do it? As a student, you should consider responding to academic surveys. Many schools and organizations will partner with companies like CRi, Academica Group, Panel Fuel, and Ipsos to get a better understanding of students. But, what’s in it for you if you participate in surveys?

Check out these top 3 benefits to responding to surveys as a student:

1. Have your voice heard

Whether you’re participating in a survey about your specific school or colleges and universities across Canada, or sharing your opinions on current trends in fashion and media, your responses can have an impact.

Did you know that schools will often use surveys to make decisions, such as what programs and courses should be offered, how much funding for students is needed, what services need improving or should be provided, information for on-campus housing, how schools can stand out in the recruitment process, and much more?

Companies will also use students’ opinions to help determine what products are popular, what can be improved, where is best to sell and market, and what people of your age prioritize as consumers.

If you have strong opinions about your education and lifestyle, this is your chance to have your say. Your responses could help support future generations of students after you. Your ideas could spark a conversation that schools and companies haven’t even considered yet.

2. Discover your interests and get involved

When filling out surveys, you may be asked thought-provoking questions that you’ve never considered before. What was it that drew you to this school specifically and did it meet your expectations? Did on-campus housing have a strong impact on your academic success? Would you buy your favourite product even if you knew it wasn’t ethically made? You never know when a survey will help broaden your perspective.

Surveys can help you establish your priorities and interests, which can then lead to opportunities to get involved. Did you realize on-campus housing had a big impact on your social and academic success? Then maybe you should become a residence advisor or help coordinate events for first-year students. Were you not so great at budgeting your money in your first year? Create a club that educates students on financial literacy! Did you find out your favourite clothing brand uses sweatshops? Take a course on sewing and make your own incredible outfits.

3. Win some cash

We all know that university and college can be expensive, and that common ways to help subside these costs are scholarships, bursaries, awards, loans, and jobs. But did you know that you could also win some cash by participating in simple surveys?

Typically, fewer students complete surveys, which means you have a greater chance at winning prizes that are given out as a thank you to students who provide their input. Some surveys will offer a cash grand prize for one of the participants, whereas others may offer a small cash amount for every survey you complete.

As a student, you may not have the time you need to write essays and find references when applying to scholarships, but you’ll probably have some spare time in between classes or while watching a show to answer some survey questions. Most surveys can be done in about 10 minutes, but as you complete more and more, you’ll likely get better and quicker with your responses.

So, if you want to make a difference and potentially earn some cash, then make filling out surveys part of your routine. For such a simple process, you can get a lot in return. The companies and surveys we’ve partnered with have all been vetted and are great opportunities for students to earn some cash or prizes.

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