Applying to University: the Preparation Process

Choosing a university is an exciting process, but it can also be nerve-wracking and tense.

Keeping your cool during application season

Being organized and prepared in what you're looking for and which documents you need to apply can make this experience easier and less stressful. It can be difficult to decide which schools you want to apply to, so it's important to do your research and know what's important to you.

Here's just a few of the major factors to consider when deciding which schools suit you:

  • program availability
  • extra-curriculars
  • location
  • school size
  • financial aid options

The application process

Applying to Ontario universities is done through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) website. Other provinces have their own portals, like ApplyAlberta, for example.

You should ensure that you're able to log in to your portal, and know how to submit your application. In most cases, this consists of filling out an application form, submitting the fee of roughly $150, and may also include sending transcripts or reference letters.

Once you're able to access your account, be sure to think about all of the programs and schools that you're interested in applying to, and make note of the order in which you wish to rank them.

Additional admission documents

You should also ensure that you're aware of all requirements when applying to your chosen programs. This can include:

  • meeting the required prerequisites and minimum admission average
  • supplemental documents like a resum? and cover letter
  • artistic portfolios, etc.

For Brock University, you can find this information in our virtual viewbook, which details the application requirements depending on the type of applicant you are, where you're applying from, and which program you're applying to.

Getting your questions answered

It's also important to continue asking questions to the schools that you apply to, so that you feel comfortable about your decision.

Reaching out via email, visiting campuses for tours, or attending information sessions and events are valuable methods to get your questions answered. At Brock, you can chat with current students who are eager to help answer your questions, or can direct you to the right department or office to assist.

As you're well aware of, applying to university is a big step towards securing your future education ? and the start of your career. Be sure to stay on top of learning about what each university has to offer you, so that you feel prepared to make an informed decision about where and what you wish to study.

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