Durham College Raising Funds to Support Students Experiencing Food Insecurity

With the rising cost of food across Ontario, supporting students experiencing food insecurity is more important than ever.

Durham College (DC) is currently raising funds to support the Food Insecurity Bursary which helps provide immediate assistance to students who are navigating these unforeseen financial challenges. Each year, the DC community comes together to support this valuable initiative that helps students and their families during the holiday season.

Putting the Food Insecurity Bursary in action

Last year, the bursary distributed more than $80,000 to support 457 students and their families.

“I am a single mother of four children and have limited funding,” said Jazmine, a DC student who received the bursary in 2022. “With rising costs, groceries are getting really expensive. I am thankful that DC has provided the Food Insecurity Bursary, which helped me and my family so much last year.”

Higher costs of living and grocery prices increase need for bursary

This year, the need is expected to be even greater, said Tara Koski, dean, Students.

“With the escalating costs of living and grocery prices this year, this bursary is even more critical as economic pressures faced by our students have intensified the issue of food insecurity,” said Koski. “If we can help alleviate some of that pressure, it allows students to maintain their focus on academics and their future success.”

Supporting students in need

The Durham College Alumni Association is matching the first $10,000 raised so every dollar contributed has twice the power to make a positive change in students’ lives, said Linda Flynn, associate vice president, Office of Development and Alumni Affairs.

“We are deeply grateful for our community who continually come together in times of need to ensure our students are well supported and can focus on their learning,” said Flynn.

Donations are welcome until December 31 and gifts of more than $20 are eligible for a charitable donation receipt for income tax purposes in the 2023 tax year. Donations are now being accepted online.

Are you a student who needs a little extra help this season? Learn more about applying for the Food Insecurity Bursary .

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