A College That Cares About Your Mental Health: AC is Here for You

If you need to talk, we’re here to listen. Mental health is something we take very seriously here at Algonquin College and we’ve got plenty of tools to help you succeed.

Support when you need it

From counselling to crisis support, Algonquin College offers a variety of resources in-person and online.

Your well-being plays a huge role in your academic journey, which is why we offer these programs and services to help you along the way:

  • Counselling Services (personal, academic, and career support)
    • Upon reaching out, a mental health professional will work with you to assess your wellness needs and identify the type of care that’s right for you.
  • Group Support
    • Surrounded by peers going through similar struggles, group counselling boosts your skills, coping strategies, and support system by providing a safe environment, and reminding you that you’re not alone.
  • Peer Support
    • Sometimes being able to relate and connect with another student is all you need. From academic navigators to mentorship, you’ll be supported by someone who gets it.
  • WeConnect
    • Available to all full-time students with a Student Health Plan (and their dependents), WeConnect is a health and wellness program that provides students with short-term therapy, counselling, and other resources to improve their mental and physical health.
  • Crisis Support
    • If you (or someone you know) are experiencing intense feelings of distress or thoughts of suicide, the Crisis Support services are here for immediate assistance.

Let’s talk

To create a safe space for open and transparent dialogue surrounding mental health, Algonquin College celebrates Mental Health Awareness Week every year! Students spend the week participating in events to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health challenges and learning about the resources and services available to them.

Some of our favourite events throughout the week include:

  • Mindfulness sessions
    • Connect your body and spirit through online yoga sessions, discover the wonders of self-care, or connect with your peers through the AC Purple Couch.
  • Workshops
    • From gathering a health squad, crafting worry dolls, or folding positive affirmation origami, these therapeutic and often cathartic workshops are a great way to get creative and learn something new.
  • Therapy dogs
    • Curl up with a certified furry friend and feel the stress ebb its way from your mind.
  • Coffee breaks
    • We’re here to fuel your mind, soul, and body so grab a free drink and treat. It’s amazing how much a snack can improve your mood (especially when it’s free)!
  • Guest speakers
    • Pull up a chair and listen to the life lessons of AC grads, mental health specialists, doctors, and even celebs like Serena Ryder! From boosting self-confidence to facing adversity, everyone’s got a story to tell and a lesson to learn from it.

We’ve got your back

It’s common for students to feel overwhelmed at times, but that doesn’t mean they should face it alone. From licensed professionals to fellow students (and even therapy dogs), you’ve got a solid support group here rooting for you.

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