Ways to Get Involved and Earn Money at University

Starting your university journey and juggling academics and social activities can be intimidating. Getting involved in various aspects of campus life can significantly enhance your experience. If you’re looking to earn some extra money and get involved in the campus community, working on campus might be the right fit for you.

Part-time jobs on campus

By immersing yourself in campus jobs, you not only expand your social circle but also develop valuable skills, gain new experiences, and contribute to a vibrant and supportive community. From becoming an ambassador to joining student associations or volunteering for campus events, getting involved opens doors to personal development, networking, and creating lasting memories during your university journey. Securing a part-time job on campus is a great resource to make extra money, develop new skills, and meet people.

University of Waterloo has tons of opportunities exclusively for students. You could be shelving books in the library or even reffing intramural sports games. And if you’re living the residence life, Campus Housing has your back as they have jobs available like front desk assistants, residence dons, peer leaders, and more!

Plus, the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) offers a range of jobs and volunteer opportunities each term. WUSA’s commitment to providing a platform for students to gain experience and contribute to the community is evident through the offering of a diverse range of roles, from office volunteers to marketing executives. This provides you with opportunities to explore different areas of interest while earning an income.

Jobs for students with financial need

Some universities have part-time jobs specifically available for students with financial need. This provides students with valuable opportunities to earn income while gaining experience and enhancing their skills through hands-on learning experiences.

At Waterloo, we have a work-study program. This program aims to assist students in earning money during the academic to offset costs while offering valuable work experience and skill development opportunities. Students in Waterloo’s work-study programs can earn up to $2,000 per term.

The best part is, campus employers understand you — they know you've got classes and other commitments, so they’re usually pretty flexible when it comes to your schedule. So, if you’re looking for fun on-campus work experiences with a welcoming community, the work-study program might just be for you!

It goes without saying that money can be hard to manage, regardless of your field of study or employment situation. That's why having a budget is key — it gives you a roadmap for your spending and helps you stay on track financially.

With a part-time job, whether on campus or not, you can make some extra cash to help offset your university costs. You’re also learning about things you might not find in textbooks. Time management? Check. People skills? Double check. Communication skills? Triple check.

Most importantly, you're diving into a vibrant and diverse community that's rooting for your success! Embrace those campus or part-time jobs, build your skills, network, and enjoy your academic journey.

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