Exploring Student Success at University

When you think of student success at university, you probably think first about graduating university. Because that’s the ultimate goal, right? And graduating from university is an incredible success. But there are other kinds of success, from getting an offer to university to moving away from home and becoming independent, or even getting through your first set of exams.

Here are some other examples of how Wilfrid Laurier University students have achieved success during their studies.

Success in academics

“In first year, we had many case competitions; one of them was the BDO New Venture competition, where we could make our own product and present it to BDO employees. I came up with a coffee-flavoured chewing gum named CappaChewno and I was selected in the finals for that.”

Achintaya C., BBA student from India

Success in gaining work experience

“To get a job, you need Canadian experience. Laurier has the International Student Work Experience Program, where you can apply and have so many job opportunities. I was part of it, and I got a job and I have Canadian work experience. This helped me get more job opportunities.”

Yusra, User Experience Design student from UAE

Success in extra-curricular activities

“I got to join Enactus Laurier in my first year and that was the highlight of it all. I didn’t know what we could do, what opportunities are out there. It just opened my eyes to a whole new avenue of social enterprises and businesses. And that was truly an amazing experience. I am still with Enactus now, competing for some of the enterprises we’re presenting, and that had a huge impact on my view of what I want to do in the future.”

Alya N., BBA student from UAE

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Success through volunteering

By being able to volunteer, I’ve been able to realize what I want to do when I graduate. I as having a difficult time figuring out what I wanted to do for my profession. I sat down with one of my professors and he gave me advice on how I can build my portfolio and gain skills through volunteering and take my skills outside of the classroom. Being able to volunteer for the Sputnik student newspaper as a photographer made me realize I want to be a photographer.”

Serena A., Digital Media and Journalism student from Nigeria

Success through professor interactions

My accounting professor is going to give me some career counseling because I’m unsure about accounting versus finance. And my business professor helped me by answering questions about the course so I could get good grades.”

Agrim K., BBA student from India

Your university experience will be filled with many success stories as you work towards graduating and pursuing your future goals, and we hope that you’ll consider the Laurier community as the place for you to find your successes.

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